Disabled children suffering under Raja Reddy constitution: Lokesh

Disabled children suffering under Raja Reddy constitution: Lokesh

Decries demolition of disabled children's shelter

Vijay Sai perpetrating Raja Reddy laws in Vizag

School for disabled demolished under Raja Reddy law

Police attack on Apollo girl condemnable

Vizag became an address for chaos and atrocities

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Sunday strongly condemned the demolition of the Hidden Spots School for the Mentally Disabled Children in Visakhapatnam by the YSRCP Government with total indifference for the future of the innocent children there.

Mr. Lokesh blamed YCP MP Vijay Sai Reddy for the injustice being done to even the disabled children over 190 of whom were taking shelter and training in the Vizag school. The demolition was carried out only after Vijay Sai set his eyes on the valuable property of the disabled children's school in a prime spot in the port city.

In a statement here, the TDP MLC said that the lawless MP was perpetrating the faction-ridden and oppressive Raja Reddy constitution even on the hapless children. The peaceful city of Visakhapatnam has become a hub of atrocities and illegalities. It has turned unofficially into a 'den for Vijay Sai's lawless activities'.

Condemning the Government's 'indifference', Mr. Nara Lokesh said the YCP MP and his goons first tried to encroach on the shelter of the disabled children. When it was not possible, he got the school buildings demolished on weekend days that were most suitable to perpetrate the Raja Reddy laws. Instead of giving greater support to the disabled children, the YSRCP leaders were putting greater suffering to them. The day would come soon when the evils of the YCP leaders would ripen so much that they would meet with their doom.

Apollo girl attacked

Mr. Lokesh also condemned the manner in which the Vizag police had dragged and manhandled a frontline Covid warrior working at the Apollo Hospital there. This had happened when Lakshmi Prasanna was returning home on her friend's bike after doing Covid duties at the hospital. The police showed their highhandedness even after she showed her identity card and the permission letter from her hospital.

Mr. Lokesh said that the Lakshmi Prasanna incident was enough to say how Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy's Executive Capital has become a city of chaos and police atrocities. It was shameful that the Apollo girl was harassed and humiliated in the middle of the road. The people of AP were living in the grip of fear, thinking what greater and worse atrocities they would have to see under this irresponsible regime.

The TDP MLC recalled how Dalit doctor Dr. Sudhakar was given the same horrible treatment in the Vizag streets by the police there. The sincere doctor was dragged, tied down, beaten up and humiliated in the middle of the road. He was also later branded as mad just for asking for a mask and Covid safety equipment. A frontline Covid warrior like Dr. Sudhakar was victimised and persecuted till his death. This could happen only under the Raja Reddy laws.