Babu brings his wife on the road to live politically

 *- Babu brings his wife on the road to live politically*



Amravati, Nov 25 (prajaamaravati): State Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister Kodali Srivenkateswara Rao (Nani) has said that it was Chandrababu who brought his wife on the road.

 On Thursday, Minister Kodali Nani spoke at an assembly media point.  Heavy rains and floods in Rayalaseema district have claimed many lives.  Some villages were submerged and the public was severely affected.  The Chief Minister immediately responded and held reviews on flood damages and hardships with state and local authorities.  From here, the Chief Minister conducts daily village-wise reviews with the concerned authorities to ensure that flood relief operations are not hampered anywhere.  It also directed the government to provide immediate assistance of Rs 95,000 to the homeless families, Rs 1.75 lakh (Rs 1.75 lakh), a total of Rs 2 lakh 80 lakh, as well as Rs 5,200 to those whose houses were partially damaged and to provide them with basic necessities.  We are giving Rs 5,500 to those who have washed their luggage in their homes.  We are actively carrying out relief activities.  The Chief Minister is regularly reviewing with officials and local legislators on fresh water facility and power supply restoration programs.  The Chief Minister will visit the families of the victims and the affected farmers after the weather recedes and the victims recover.  However, despite the age of opposition leader Chandrababu, he has not yet come to his senses.  He is doing sympathetic politics in the flood-affected areas by making lame and blind excuses that the YSRCP legislators have said something while the assembly sessions are being held here.  He does not even tell his wife what to do.  Chandrababu says that he insulted my wife.  Chandrababu did not listen to the assembly witness who said that neither we nor any other member mentioned his name.  There must be some reason to do politics. NTR's family members also know that Chandrababu Naidu is a big villain.  He is plotting to get his wife, who was born into the family, on the road.  This town does not exist, that town does not exist.  If there is anyone who can even put his wife on the road for his political needs ... it is Chandrababu Naidu alone.  If the cow is grazed in Chelo .. the calf also works the same .. NTR's daughter, Chandrababu wife's name was not mentioned anywhere in the assembly but outside.  Chandrababu brought his wife's name to the screen just to make a living politically.  This is a very vicious act.  She is unfortunate to have such a husband and son.  During his visit to Kadapa and Chittoor districts, Chandrababu, as Leader of the Opposition, said that if there were any problems, the government should bring them to his notice and demand that they be resolved, but, I do not know what Chandrababu saw and did in the flood-affected areas, but when he went there, he kept crying and insulting my wife.  .  If everything is washed away in the floods and they are in trouble .. Chandrababu is ashamed to mention the issue of his wife there for political gain.  If 40 people are dead and they are crying because they have no home to stay in and no food to eat ... go to them and cry, If they're in trouble, is there a need for your nonsense?  Have you been touring flood prone areas for two days?  If there are any problems, it would be better to inform the government through the media.  As the Leader of the Opposition it would be good to talk to the officials there to resolve the issues.  And is it necessary to gossip that "my wife was insulted, so I came out of the assembly. If you make me chief minister, I will come in two and a half years and solve your problems"? From Sonia Gandhi who harassed Jagan Mohan Reddy to your son Pappu, you have seen what the whole situation has been like, including more and more scoundrels in the middle.  In the end you got 23 seats and Kuppam lost in the municipal elections too.  We saw what happened when your son competed in Mangalagiri.  We saw what happened to Errannaidu and Shankara rao.  We also saw the employee who filed burglary cases and filed chargesheets against YS Jagan. He also lost his job and sat in debates in front of TV channels.  Those who harassed Jagan and saw him being harmed will take on a vile past like Chandrababu Naidu. YS Rajasekhar Reddy died on the way to Rachchabanda because he thought people were more important than lives.  His death was great.  Ten years after the death of the YSR, it still lingers in the hearts of the people.  His son was seated by the people in the Chief Minister's post today.  Someone wants such a death.  Is yours a survivor?  You are the only one who can not win his son in Mangalagiri.  You want to block his wife and make a political profit, you are the one who brought her on the road.  The life of YSR... His life still lingers in the hearts of the people.  That is the kind of life everyone wants.  Your grandchildren are still alive.  Jagan Mohan Reddy is doing politics by crying in the morning to stop his wife from fighting.  You, your party are already politically in the air, mingled in the mud.  Still it would be nice if the insane could be reduced.  The performance of each chief minister is different.  If Chandrababu Naidu gets hair ... if he doesn't get it, he is kind of holding his legs.  Why should we do something like that?  Whose agenda is up to them.  If our Chief Minister travels in flood prone areas the whole of the authorities will be around him.  This interferes with relief efforts.  Our legislators and officials are on the scene monitoring the relief efforts.  The Chief Minister will go there after the situation worsens.  Chandrababu has publicity madness so he will do anything if TV cameras appear.  He also brought his wife and stood her on the road.  He is making fun of his wife by creating as if he is into it.  Because he wants publicity.  Delicious, want votes.  All we need are people.  It is our duty to provide immediate relief to the flood victims.  Will Chandrababu have more love for the people of Kadapa district than Jagan who provided ten out of ten seats?  The state government cares for the victims.  Chandrababu says that the floods are due to human error.  What should be done to close the gates in Godavari Pushkar and hang Chandrababu who killed 30 people with camera, action and shooting with the film director?  We did not shoot as the gates were raised like him.  Will the gates of the Annamayya Reservoir, which has a capacity of 2,3 TMCs and five gates, be flooded if 32 TMCs of water comes in just 6 hours?  Will there be power to stop such a flood?  What is human error?  Chandrababu will do anything for political purposes.  Minister Kodali Nani said that the less we talk about him, the better.