Tells poor families not to pay OTS amounts


Lokesh slams Govt for 'emptying' DWCRA accounts

Tells poor families not to pay OTS amounts

Decries removal of pension for aged disabled woman

TDP will give free registrations for all houses

Abhaya Hastam stuck in iron hands


AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Friday strongly criticised the YSRCP Government for 'snatching away' funds directly from the accounts of DWCRA women in the name of OTS one time settlement registrations for the poor people's houses.

Lokesh said the Chief Minister promised financial stability and women empowerment before the elections but now his regime was giving irrecoverable blows to the poor women members. The poor families were being threatened that their social pensions would be stopped if they would not pay OTS amounts.

In a statement here, Lokesh condemned the manner in which the funds of DWCRA women were being taken away directly from their accounts. Even the Rs. 2,000 Cr Abhaya Hastam funds were snatched away. The DWCRA women saved their hard earned money and kept it in the Abhaya Hastam scheme for future security. The LIC was removed from this scheme as part of an ulterior plan.

Nara Lokesh asked the poor beneficiaries not to pay the OTS amounts as demanded by the State Government. There was no need to be afraid of the threats and intimidation from the YCP regime. The TDP would come to power in the next elections and it would ensure 'free registrations' to all the lakhs of poor families that were in possession of these houses for decades.

Lokesh deplored that the Abhaya Hastam scheme was now caught in the iron hands of Jaganmohan Reddy. The thrift groups consisting of over 34 lakh women have been regularly paying premium since the beginning of the scheme. All the contributions made by the DWCRA women were diverted by the Government now.

Condemning the Government's 'ulterior motives', Lokesh said about 4 lakh DWCRA women aged above 60 years were getting monthly pension of Rs. 500 to Rs. 2,200 from the LIC till now. This financial assurance was now being taken away. This was nothing but a daylight betrayal of women.

Lokesh described the OTS scheme as a master plan to loot Rs. 1,500 Cr in the name of registrations for houses that were built since 1983. Like dictators, they were now threatening to remove ration cards and pensions if the poor people would not pay Rs. 10,000 towards OTS. Why was the Government using threats when the OTS scheme was voluntary but not mandatory?

Nara Lokesh said the Jagan Reddy Government donned the role of the 'call money mafia' after not a single poor beneficiary came forward to pay OTS. They were now threatening to directly take away funds from the DWCRA accounts if the OTS amounts were not paid. The Government was resorting to nefarious methods of snatching DWCRA funds as it was not able to get loans.

Lokesh demanded that the Jagan regime immediately stop destroying the DWCRA groups as they stood for women empowerment and self-sufficiency. The Abhaya Hastham scheme should be continued as before in the best interests of the women aged above 60 years. The DWCRA women should wage a united battle against the Government's bid to take away their funds in the name of OTS.

Lokesh criticised the Government for insulting an aged disabled grandma on the day of the International Disability Day celebrations itself. The pension of Pullamma belonging to Kathimanupalli in Yadiki mandal of Anantapur district was cut on the pretext that she had land. Whereas, she was saying she had no such land at all. It was condemnable that the officials told her to pray to CM Jagan to get back her pension. Jagan Reddy should explain on this atrocity towards an aged disabled woman in her last leg of life.