Telugu Desam Party has sincerity towards youth


  *- Chandrababu special focus on health and employment programs of TDP workers*

  *-:Telugu Desam Party has sincerity towards youth*

  *- Sistla Lohit, Coordinator Welfare of Workers*

 Gudivada, July 8 (prajaamaravathi): Nara Chandrababu Naidu has paid special attention to the health and employment programs of Telugu Desam party workers, said Sistla Lohit, the party's executive secretary and worker welfare coordinator. Sistla Lohit participated in the NTR Spurti-Chandranna Bharosa program being held in Chittoor district along with Chandrababu and TDP ranks.  On this occasion, the Rapido and Nutriful stalls set up keeping in mind the welfare of the workers were inspected.  In many spirited meetings held afterwards, in the presence of Chandrababu, Sistla Lohit explained the programs being implemented for the welfare of Telugu Desam Party workers.  He said that the Telugu Desam Party leadership has focused on programs like health and employment as part of the welfare of Telugu Desam party workers.  He said that about Rs.100 crore has been provided to the families of the TDP workers who died due to accidents at the rate of Rs.2 lakh each.  Rapido app has been created for new employment.  Activists who download this app will get. He said that there will be a chance to earn from one thousand to Rs.2 thousand.  For more information about this app, you can call 8897883311.  Chandrababu and Lokesh are of the opinion that the Telugu Desam Party will be strong only if the workers are healthy. Nutriful app has been made available in collaboration with NTR Trust.  It is said that advice is given by eminent doctors for problems like diabetes, weight problems and thyroid.  He said that the aim of the Telugu Desam Party is to make them completely healthy through a proper diet plan.  He said that there are many apps in the market and Nutriful app has been created keeping in mind the health of TDP workers. He said that the Telugu Desam Party has sincerity towards the youth and this is the proof.  They are encouraging the youth more than before.  Cadre Welfare 2.0 program has been introduced for this purpose.  He said that measures are being taken to provide quality medical care at low prices in leading hospitals across the state.  The families of workers who died in an accident will receive Rs.  2 lakh insurance facility is being continued.  Sistla Lohit said that workers are treated as family members and supported in every way.