Blocking Anna canteen in Tenali is bad

 *- Blocking Anna canteen in Tenali is bad


  *- TDP manages even if obstacles are created*

  *- The aim is to satisfy the hunger of the poor people in the state*

  *- TDP State Executive Secretary Sistla Lohit*

 Gudivada, September 3 (prajaamaravathi); Telugu Desam Party's state executive secretary and workers' welfare fund coordinator Sistla Lohit said that it is bad to prevent Anna canteen from being organized in Tenali. Sistla Lohit expressed his anger.  Sistla Lohit issued a statement at the Krishna district gudivada on Saturday.  He expressed concern that anarchy is continuing in the state.  He said that since the YCP came to power, it has become common to block the visits of Chandrababu, Nara Lokesh and other key leaders.  Also, TDP leaders are being arrested during the visits of YCP leaders.  They are making illegal cases and jailing them. He said that they are destroying the Anna Canteens that are satisfying the hunger of the poor. Anna canteens were obstructed in Nandigama and Mangalagiri areas.  He said that YCP ranks destroyed the Anna canteen which was to be opened by TDP National President Chandrababu in Kuppam.  Chandrababu, who was on a visit to Kuppam, reminded that YCP had repelled the actions of gangsters.  He said that Chandrababu himself served food to the poor people by rebuilding the Anna canteen in Kuppam. He said that about 60 TDP leaders who resisted the atrocities of the YCP ranks in Kumpam were booked and sent to jail.  Nara Lokesh himself visited all of them together.  Nara Lokesh described the leaders and activists who went to jail for the Telugu Desam Party as true heroes.  They have been assured that the Telugu Desam Party will support them.  He expressed his grief that now the Anna Canteen in Tenali has been obstructed.  He said that the atmosphere at the Tenali Market Complex was amazing.  He said that Nara Lokesh expressed his anger on blocking the Anna canteen in Tenali.  He said that no matter how many obstacles are created, the TDP will manage the canteen.  Sistla Lohit said that although the YCP ranks are destroying the canteens, the Telugu Desam Party will satisfy the hunger of the poor people.