Zero investments for AP and J-tax collections for YCP: Lokesh

Zero investments for AP and J-tax collections for YCP: Lokesh

AP rank slipped from 3 to 13 in two years

Minister's claim on 65 major industries laughable

Junior doctors' demands should be fulfilled

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Wednesday slammed the YSRCP Government for 'misleading' the people by making 'wrong claims' on the setting up of large scale industries with employment generation potential in Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Lokesh asked whether Industries Minister M. Goutham Reddy could give any proof for the so called 65 major industries that came up in the past two years of the Jagan regime. On the contrary, the industries were harassed and forced to pay Rs. 30,000 towards J-tax (Jagan tax). The Minister seemed to project these massive J tax collections as investments in the AP State industrial growth.

In a statement here, Mr. Nara Lokesh said that the only companies that came up in the Jagan regime were those false liquor companies that were selling President's Medal whiskey and Andhra Star brandy. No new genuine companies have come to Andhra Pradesh considering the hostile and extortionist attitude of the ruling party leaders.

Mr. Lokesh asserted that it was a fact that the AP performance in attracting foreign investments fell down drastically ever since Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy came to power two years ago. AP stood in 3rd and 4th positions in investments in the previous five year regime of the TDP but now its rank slipped to 13th rank. Within a short period of two years, the YSRCP leaders did irreparable damage to the industrial profile of the State as a whole.

Decrying the Government's 'reckless' policies, Mr. Lokesh demanded the Chief Minister to clarify whether he did not raise huge hopes on big industries and massive employment opportunities if he was voted to power in 2019. After coming to power, Mr. Jagan Reddy was on a single point agenda to destroy all other industries while using his power to promote his own companies and personal wealth.

Mr. Lokesh deplored that even the YSRCP MPs themselves behaved like 'street rowdies' and threatened big industries like the Kia Motors. Seeing this, no new multi-national company was coming forward to set up industries in AP now. The YCP was using the AP Pollution Control Board (PCB) to harass the companies that were not paying the J-tax. Would any company put investments in the State after seeing such oppression?

The MLC said that AP had got zero investments in the past two years while the YCP leaders made huge illegal wealth through J-tax collections.

Mr. Lokesh demanded the Government to fulfill the four main demands of the Andhra Pradesh Junior Doctors' Association (JUDA) considering how doctors were giving impressive services as Covid frontline warriors. Health insurance should be given to all frontline workers. Ex gratia should be paid in the event of death. Covid incentive should be given to PG students and house surgeons who were on pandemic duties. Security should be beefed up to avert attacks on doctors and staff. TDS should not be cut from the stipend.