Police need to reduce mental stress as well as improve physical fitness

 - Police need to reduce mental stress as well as improve physical fitness

 - Staff should make use of the police gym

 - Minister of State for Civil Supplies Kodali Nani

 Machilipatnam, Dec 4 (prajaamaravati): State Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister Kodali Srivenkateswara Rao (Nani) has directed the police to reduce mental stress and improve physical fitness by working tirelessly from waking up in the morning till resting.  Minister Kodali Nani along with state Information and Transport Minister Perni Venkatramayya (Nani) on Saturday inaugurated the Police Physical Training Center (Gym) set up at the premises of the District Police Office in Machilipatnam.  The gym equipment was examined after the plaque was unveiled.  Practice for a while and observe the performance of the respective devices.  Later, Minister Kodali Nani said that district SP Siddharth Kaushal had noticed that the police personnel were not paying proper attention to physical health.  He said the Police Welfare Gym was set up with sophisticated equipment as part of staff welfare.  The police must use this gym.  So that better results can be shown in performance. Perni Nani, who is also the minister, said the gym would be very useful for the police to work tirelessly on peacekeeping, natural disasters and various other issues.  Police personnel and their family members were asked to set aside some time and practice.  Earlier, ministers Kodali Nani and Perni Nani were presented with bouquets by District SP Siddartha Kaushal.  The event was attended by AR Additional SP Prasad, Special Branch DSP Dharmendra, AR DSP Vijayakumar and others.