YCP vandals demolishing NTR statues

NTR statues safe in people's hearts: Lokesh

YCP vandals demolishing NTR statues

YCP leaders causing their own decline

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Monday accused the ruling YSRCP leaders of resorting to demolish the statues of TDP founder NTR in order to escape from the rising public resentment against their Government's failures and misrule.

Lokesh condemned the vandalisation of NTR statues at Durgi yesterday and at Tadikonda today. These vandal activities were being perpetrated out of hatred and political intolerance.

In a statement here, Nara Lokesh said indiscriminate attacks were taking place on all sections of people and the opposition TDP leaders ever since the YSRCP came to power in the State. The vandal attacks became a routine on the idols of gods and statues of great personalities.

Lokesh warned that the ruling YSRCP leaders were causing their own political decline by targetting the statues of NTR. The Jagan Reddy and Co were blinded by power and started demolishing statues located on the sides of highways.

The TDP MLC said the miscreants might remove the physical statues of NTR on the roads but they would not be able to erase the NTR statues that the AP people were keeping in their hearts.