Legal recourse to counter defamatory reports

Lokesh warns those commenting on his mother

Nobody would go unpunished

Legal recourse to counter defamatory reports

Sakshi carried character assassination campaigns

VISAKHAPATNAM (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Thursday gave out a stern warning that he would not allow anybody to go unpunished for their 'insulting comments' against his mother Bhuvaneswari.

Lokesh asked the ruling YSRCP leaders to do some soul-searching about what would happen if the TDP would also pass similar remarks against CM Jagan Mohan Reddy's mother Vijayalakshmi, wife Bharati and their children.

Nara Lokesh appeared before the court here in a defamation case he filed against Sakshi for Rs. 75 Cr. On the occasion, he told the mediapersons that he had filed defamation cases against three media organisations including the Sakshi media belonging to the Jagan Reddy family. The YCP Government was targetting and filing false cases against the Chandrababu family for fighting on behalf of the people and for resolving their problems.

Lokesh asserted that he would never forget how humiliating remarks were passed against his mother in the Assembly itself. This was not the culture of the TDP. Every son would feel very bad if such remarks were passed against his mother. The Jagan Reddy regime has created a special IPC section to implicate the TDP leaders in fabricated cases.

Condemning the YSRCP rulers' revenge taking attitude, Lokesh deplored that they had filed over 13 false cases against him so far. One of these cases was an attempt to murder case. From the beginning, the ruling YCP leaders and the Sakshi media were going with an agenda to demotivate and terrify the TDP leaders.

Nara Lokesh said that Sakshi resorted to a character assassination campaign against him along personal lines. They tried to attack and malign his personality. Many false reports were published. After the murder of YS Vivekananda Reddy, the Sakshi media started mud-slinging at Chandrababu Naidu.

Lokesh asserted that he would not be afraid of such vilification campaigns by the ruling YCP leaders. He would take legal recourse if any such defamatory reports were written about him any longer. Already, The Week tendered an apology. Sakshi and Deccan Chronicle did not give even clarification.

The TDP MLC recalled how Sakshi published a highly derogatory story with headline 'Narasura Raktacharitra' (blood stained history of Nara family) after the Viveka murder in Pulivendula in 2019. False pictorial images of Chandrababu Naidu with a hunting sickle were published. Totally wrong reports were published to say that Chandrababu was responsible for the killing of Raja Reddy and Vivekananda Reddy.