Focus on decentralisation of development, not capitals


Lokesh urges Govt to stop 'reckless' 3 cards game

Focus on decentralisation of development, not capitals

Lokesh door to door visit in Mangalagiri segment

'Abbai axe' killed Babai

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Friday advised the Jagan Mohan Reddy Government to stop its adamant and reckless policy of 3 Capitals so as to develop Amaravati as the sole Capital for Andhra Pradesh.

Lokesh asserted that the verdict of the High Court was positive and favourable to the Capital City farmers since justice was on their side. The 'three cards game' of Jagan Reddy was dangerous for both his party and for the future of the State.

Lokesh took out a whirlwind tour in the Mangalagiri assembly segment when he called on the families of the deceased TDP workers and leaders there. He enquired about their well being and assured to extend all possible help from the party side.

Speaking on the occasion, Lokesh said the YSRCP rulers should realise at least now how much destruction they already caused in Amaravati and all over the State with their ruthless and reckless policies. It is high time now for them to focus on decentralisation of development rather than capitals. Amaravati should be developed as the one and only Capital City for the State.

Nara Lokesh recalled how the farmers carried out a peaceful agitation despite the manhandling, threats, fabricated cases and false arrests by the Government. It was a huge victory for the farmers. At least now, the ruling YSRCP leaders and their media should stop casting aspersions on the judiciary. They should respect the judgements of the courts in the larger interests of one and all.

Referring to the Viveka murder case, Lokesh said the ruling YSRCP leaders propagated it as a natural death due to heart attack initially. Now, it was clarified that the 'Abbai axe attack' had killed Babai. In the investigation of the CBI, it was clear by now that YCP MP Avinash Reddy had masterminded the Viveka killing.

Lokesh recalled how a false campaign was launched with headlines like 'Narasura Raktha Charitra' at the time of the Viveka murder. They got electoral benefits in 2019. The latest facts showed the Viveka murder as a result of the 'Jaganasura Raktha Charitra'. The people of the State should reject such families, parties and leaders whose history was stained with blood.

Nara Lokesh spoke to women and small traders in different localities in the Mangalagiri town. They narrated their problems due to steeply increased current bills and business losses. Investments had risen steeply on the one hand and business came down sharply on the other. Moreover, house tax was hiked and garbage tax was being newly imposed.