Do YSP leaders have the moral right to talk about Chandrababu and Lokesh?

  *- Do YSP leaders have the moral right to talk about Chandrababu and Lokesh?*


  *- Chandrababu has long political experience*

  *- Chandrababu's history of exercising restraint while making attacks*

 *- TDP State Executive Secretary Sistla Lohit*

 Gudivada, September 8 (prajaamaravathi): State Executive Secretary of Telugu Desam Party and Workers Welfare Fund Coordinator Sistla Lohit questioned whether YCP leaders have moral right to talk about Telugu Desam Party National President Chandrababu Naidu and General Secretary Nara Lokesh.  Sistla Lohit issued a statement at the Krishna district gudivada on Thursday.  He said that Chandrababu has a long political experience of more than 40 years.  He reminded that Chandrababu has been working for the development of the state for 14 years as the Chief Minister and then as the Leader of the Opposition.  Despite being in the opposition, Chandrababu is setting up Anna canteens in many places across the state with the intention of providing rice to the poor.  He said that Anna Canteen was established by the Telugu Desam Party in the Kuppam constituency, which was represented in the Legislative Assembly seven times. He said that it was destroyed by YCP ranks during Chandrababu's visit.  However, Chandrababu himself served food to the poor by rebuilding the Anna canteen. On this occasion, YCP goons were attacking Telugu Desam party activists and leaders and said that Chandrababu had exercised restraint. The YCP leaders who do not know that Chandrababu's life is an open book said that they are talking at will. He said that Chandrababu is criticizing Lokesh to get praise from Jagan. He said that the ruling party leaders are worried about Nara Lokesh's visit to Nellore district.  TDP cadres, activists and fans said that Nara Lokesh was given a warm welcome. He said that Nara Lokesh visited the family of Karunakar who died in Harijanavadapalem of Musunur and gave them courage.  Nara Lokesh assured that the Telugu Desam Party will stand by every family affected by the anarchy of YCP leaders.  It can be understood that the YCP leaders who are criticizing Chandrababu and Nara Lokesh have any culture. Meanwhile, he expressed concern over the watering down of the assassination attempt case against Chennupati Gandhi.

He said that the TDP leaders who held general protests in Kuppam were charged with attempted murder and sent to remand.  Sistla Lohit blamed the police for not being strict with the accused who attacked Chennupati Gandhi and lost his eye.