Idem Kharma" program will be conducted successfully across the state

  *- "Idem Kharma" program will be conducted successfully across the state


 *- The people of the state have been badly cheated* 

 *- Do not create a wedge between castes and religions in the state* 

*- TDP State Executive Secretary Sistla Lohith*

 Amaravati, November 19 (praja amaravati): TDP State Executive Secretary and Workers' Welfare Fund Coordinator Sistla Lohith said that the "Idem Kharma" program launched by Telugu Desam Party National President Nara Chandrababu Naidu will be successfully conducted.  Sistla Lohith participated in the state wide meeting held at the Telugu Desam Party central office in Mangalagiri on Saturday.  Sistla Lohith greeted Chandrababu who was going to the meeting earlier.  On this occasion, Chandrababu said that the Telugu Desam Party will take up the "Idem Kharma" program against the reverse rule of the state government.  Chandrababu started the "Idem Kharma" programme.  Chandrababu directed the leaders and activists of Telugu Desam Party.  Later, Sistla Lohith said that Chandrababu had ordered to organize "Idem Kharma" program across the state.  By taking this program seriously, we will bring more awareness among the people. He said that CM Jaganmohan Reddy used to speak one way when he was in the opposition and another way when he came to power.  He said that the people of the state were badly deceived by believing Jagan's words.  People are fed up with the government's rule.  He said that there should not be division between castes and regions in the state. He said that the government has been harassing TDP leaders and activists in the state.  He said that he has started questioning the government through Badude Badudu program.  He said that Telugu Desam Party has achieved good results in making people aware.  He said that Chandrababu's visit to the districts across the state is getting an unexpected response.  Unable to bear seeing this, they are attacking Chandrababu with stones.  He said that the tour of Kurnool district conducted for the last three days was a complete success.  Chandrababu's road shows have seen more people than ever before and expressed their solidarity.  People of Kurnool district have said that they want single capital Amaravati.  He said that during Chandrababu's tenure, the state got investments of Rs.16 lakh crore.  He said that Telugu Desam Party is working for the welfare of Muslim minorities.  Chandrababu called to be ready whenever the elections come in the state.  The illegal attacks by the government will be dealt with effectively.  He said favorable winds are blowing for the Telugu Desam Party across the state.  The victory of the Telugu Desam Party in the next election is a fact.  He said that every acre will be irrigated as soon as the Telugu Desam Party comes to power.  Sistla Lohith believes that creating jobs for the youth in the state is possible only through Chandrababu.