Leadership reins for BC during NTR and Chandrababu's tenure

 *- Leadership reins for BC during NTR and Chandrababu's tenure*

  *- TDP stands for Backward Classes*

  *- Chandrababu encouraged artisans*

  *- Standing and fighting for BCs*

  *- TDP State Executive Secretary Sistla Lohith*

Buttayigudem/ Kovvuru, December 1 (praja amaravati): Sistla Lohith, State Executive Secretary of Telugu Desam Party and Coordinator of Workers' Welfare Fund said that the BC communities got leadership reins only during the tenure of NTR and Chandrababu Naidu. Chandrababu, who is on his second day's visit to the joint West Godavari district, is being greeted by people at every step.  Sistla Lohith along with Chandrababu participated in the road show which started from Chintalapudi on Thursday.  A meeting of BCs was held after the road show.  On this occasion, Chandrababu explained the efforts of Telugu Desam Party for the development of BCs.

 Later, Sistla Lohith said that Chandrababu made it clear that all BCs are blood relatives.  He said that Telugu Desam Party is the party of BCs and BCs are Telugu Desam Party. He said that due to the lack of any support for the backward classes, they could not grow socially, economically and politically.  He said that since the establishment of Telugu Desam Party, the BC communities have been getting proper justice in all fields.  He said that the BCs depended mostly on handicrafts, caste professions and agriculture, and in the current situation, the condition of the BCs has been damaged due to modernization.  He said that NTR and Chandrababu have supported the marginalized sections of BC and stood by them.  He said that many people like Errannaidu, Devendra Goud, Yanamala Ramakrishnadu and KE Krishnamurthy belonging to the BC community have been entrusted with the leadership responsibilities of the Telugu Desam Party.  He said that Chandrababu hopes that BCs will grow step by step.  Chandrababu's declaration that he will come looking for BCs if they grow up is a good result.  He said that most posts are being allotted to BCs in Telugu Desam Party.  Chandrababu is of the opinion that BCs will get social recognition only if they develop economically.  It is said that during Chandrababu's tenure as the Chief Minister, the Adarana scheme for the advancement of BC castes was implemented.  He said BCs are still facing many problems today.  Chandrababu called on the leaders of BC to tell them what specific programs should be undertaken for BC to grow economically, politically and socially.  The problems faced by the social groups of BC will be conveyed to every house through the program 'Idem Kharma Mana Rashtraniki'.  He said that the state government has misled the BCs by telling them lies. He said that they are getting political benefits by dividing the castes.  They are working with the aim of undermining the BCs.  Sistla Lohith said that as soon as Chandrababu comes to power, all necessary programs for the development and welfare of BCs will be taken up.