Take action against unauthorized private unaided schools.

 *Govt Of Andhra Pradesh*

*School Education Department*

Vijayawada (prajaamaravathi);

*Take action against unauthorized private unaided schools*

• Commissioner of School Education orders to RJDs, DEOs

• Apply online for permission

School Education Commissioner Shri. S. Suresh Kumar  said in a statement on Monday that it has come to the attention of the government that the owners of some private un-aided schools in the state have obtained opening/recognition permission for the state syllabus and are taking CBSE/ICSE admissions and teaching that syllabus. Teaching without any permission from CBSE/ICSE boards is a violation of government norms. RJDs and District Education Officers were ordered to conduct inspections and take action against such owners. He also asked to take action even if the state syllabus is taught to classes 8, 9, 10 without permission.

*Single window system for authorization, identification*


Application for private school opening permission and recognition through online can be made at https://cse.ap.gov.in/PSIS website. He said to log in this website and pay the application fee through online payment and get the receipt. Permission can be obtained through single window system, he said. It is said that through online method, the files will be expedited without any delay.


• The online method reduces the need to go around all the offices to obtain clearance certificates from Government departments like Fire Department, Municipal, Panchayat Raj, Medical Department, Roads & Buildings Executive, Registration Department, Transport Department etc.

• Proposals are sent online directly to the concerned government departments and files are processed in a transparent manner, apart from providing a no-objection certificate and permission to determine accuracy within the stipulated time.

• In respect of private unaided schools the time limit for granting permission is fixed at each level of concerned authorities of School Education Department/ other departments.

• 'Pending status of file in online mode, permission orders can be known.

• Payment of application fee for permission and renewal of private schools can also be paid through online payment gateway and receipt received.

• Owners of private schools can log in online from anywhere and fill their school details and apply. Proposals can be obtained directly from online orders related to school permission.