Govt telling lies to cover up its heinous crimes


Lokesh calls Ruia deaths as 'Govt murders'

Death toll not 11 but more than 30 as per eyewitnesses

Govt telling lies to cover up its heinous crimes

76 died so far due to oxygen shortage all over AP

Lokesh condoles death of sarpanch Madhavi due to Covid

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Tuesday held the YCP Government responsible for the death of so many Coronavirus patients at the SVR Ruia Government Hospital in Tirupati because of lack of timely supply of oxygen.

Decrying the incident, Mr. Lokesh said: "Those patients did die due to natural causes. It was the Government that has killed them. Not 11 patients but over 30 of them died. The relatives and protesters are saying this with anguish in their hearts. A woman was a direct eye witness for all this."

In a statement here, Mr. Nara Lokesh accused the Jagan Reddy regime of coming out all sorts of lies to escape from its responsibility for the ghastly tragedy. It was a big lie that the oxygen supply was disrupted only for five minutes. Another and even bigger lie was that only 11 patients died due to disruption in oxygen supply. The Government was trying to suppress the truth but it was failing to do so.

Mr. Lokesh demanded the Ministers to answer to the protesters and relatives who were demanding for putting the real facts before the world. The Government was making another mistake to suppress facts by restricting the media and the visits of the Opposition parties' leaders. The Chief Minister would not be able to cover up his failures just by making false arrests of the TDP leaders. He should shun his adamant mindset at least now.

The TDP MLC said that over 76 Covid patients died so far due to oxygen shortage all over Andhra Pradesh. Prior to the Ruia tragedy, many such incidents took place in different parts of the State. But still, the Government continued its slumber without making necessary arrangements. With its continuing criminal negligence, the present regime was causing more and more deaths of innocent people.

Mr. Lokesh demanded the Government to at least rise to the occasion and provide necessary medical facilities for Covid patients at the hospitals. Suitable compensation should be given to all those who died due to the negligence and complacency of the YCP regime. All those deaths should be considered as the Government murders.

Mr. Nara Lokesh expressed his shock over the untimely death of party leader and Pedakakani sarpanch M Madhavi Latha due to Coronavirus infection. It was unfortunate and painful that Madhavi Latha, who won with the TDP support in the recent local body elections, succumbed to the infection. He conveyed condolences to the bereaved family members.