Urges AP CM to talk to KCR to save lives

Lokesh demands entry for AP Covid patients

Urges AP CM to talk to KCR to save lives

Telangana should allow AP ambulances

Patients not getting proper Covid care in AP

Ministers, MLAs going to Hyderabad for treatment

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Friday demanded Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy to talk to his Telangana counterpart for getting permission for ambulances to carry Coronavirus patients from AP to Hyderabad for medical treatment.

Mr. Lokesh said the infected patients would not go to Telangana if proper treatment was made available in AP itself. Only those patients, whose condition deteriorated badly, were being shifted to Hyderabad. The AP CM should explain whether he was incapable to get even entry for the AP patients who were battling for their lives.

In a statement here, Mr. Nara Lokesh pointed out that the ruling party Ministers, MLAs and MPs were immediately going and getting hospital beds in the Telangana Capital. How can they deny the same facility for the ordinary patients? It was a very difficult situation for the AP patients. If they would remain in AP and get treatment, there was no guarantee for their survival. Now, their right to save their lives by getting outside the State was also being denied.

Mr. Lokesh demanded that the Telangana Government allow entry for AP Covid patients considering their cases as medical emergencies. This should be accepted on humanitarian grounds. The Covid patients would be brought to Hyderabad only for better treatment. They should reach the hospitals within the golden hours in order to save their lives. Hence, the Telangana regime should issue immediate orders to allow AP ambulances on the border.

Decrying the AP Government, Mr. Lokesh said no other State should have such an indifferent and negligent Chief Minister like Mr. Jaganmohana Reddy. Instead of sleeping in his Tadepalli house for hours and days, the CM should wake up and make a telephone call to Telangana CM. Immediate priority should be given to solving the problems of AP Covid patients who were being stopped on the borders.

The TDP has been criticising the YCP Government for maintaining silence on the ambulances crisis on the AP-Telangana border for the last several days. The TDP leaders said that the Chief Minister has already mortgaged the interests of AP as a whole to the Centre just to save himself from his illegal assets cases. Now, the CM has mortgaged the AP people's interests to the neighbouring State for safeguarding his own selfish and personal interests.

The TDP questioned why the ruling YCP Ministers were not breaking their silence on the problems being created to the AP Covid patients on the Telangana border. Hyderabad would remain the joint capital for both the Telugu States for 10 years. Gross injustice was being done to the AP people. It was unfortunate that the AP Government was not in a position to fight for the cause of saving the lives of its own patients.