Calls it a 'dirty Govt' for imposing garbage tax

Lokesh: People angry with taxing rule of 'mayala fakir'

Calls it a 'dirty Govt' for imposing garbage tax

TDP will come back, will pay back to persecuting officers

Unveils statues of Potti Sriramulu, NTR at Peddapuram

PEDDAPURAM/AMARAVATI (Prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Tuesday slammed Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy for 'drowning' the people in the middle of the ocean by 'going on' increasing taxes instead of going on increasing welfare pensions and benefits as per his election promise.

Mr. Lokesh called it a 'dirty Government' that has imposed tax even on the garbage in the name of user charges. House tax was increased along with RTC fares, current charges, cement prices, petrol and diesel rates. Like a 'mayala fakir' (evil sorcerer), the CM made huge pre-election promises to go on increasing welfare pensions. But, after coming to power, he only went on increasing financial burdens on the State and on all sections of its people.

Mr. Nara Lokesh visited East Godavari district and unveiled statues of Sri Potti Sriramulu and NTR at Peddapuram assembly headquarters town. Addressing the people on the occasion, the TDP MLC said that the Jagan Reddy regime cancelled Anna Canteens, Chandranna Beema and so on in the past two and half years without any concern for poor people. The general public were not only afraid but also seething with anger against the unjust and deceitful rule.

Mr. Lokesh told the TDP activists and sympathisers that their leader Chandrababu Naidu was indeed feeling pain for not being able to give more time to the party cadres during 2014-`19. At that time, there was a pressing need to focus on development of the newly created Andhra Pradesh that was in great financial and socio-economic difficulties. There was a deficit of over Rs. 16,000 Cr. Mr. Naidu had to strive hard to balance welfare and development. This created some distance with the cadres which would not be the same next time.

Exuding confidence, Mr. Nara Lokesh asserted that the TDP would form the next Government in 2024 when it would pay back many times more to all those YCP leaders and officers who were implementing Raja Reddy constitution ruthlessly now. Mr. Chandrababu Naidu considered whole AP as his own family in the previous regime. But now, the ruling party was targetting and harassing the TDP leaders for no valid reason.

Mr. Lokesh turned emotional at some points and vowed that he would personally ensure that punishments many times more would be given to those who persecuted the TDP leaders now. The TDP activists were being implicated in false cases and being murdered. If the Chandrababu regime adopted a tough line, Mr. Jagan Reddy would not have been able to come out of his home in the previous rule.

Mr. Lokesh termed it as pitiable that the Jagan Government was striking constant fear in the hearts of poor people by threatening to stop their meagre welfare benefits. The ruling party volunteers were being used to remove rations cards of all those who tried to protest against the Government's wrong policies. The YSRCP leaders were barking like dogs but the TDP cadres would fight back like lions.

Recalling the services of great personalities, Mr. Lokesh said that Sri Potti Sriramulu would remain an inspiration for his supreme sacrifice for the sake of the Andhra race. NTR showed the mighty prowess of the Telugu people to the whole country and the world. Within a record time, NTR formed the party, came to power and implemented Rs. 2 kg rice, equal property rights to women and political empowerment of the backward classes and weaker sections.