We are constructing village and ward secretariats at a cost of Rs.15.20 crore

 - Photo 1, 2, 3: Village Secretariat, RBK, YSRi

 We are constructing village and ward secretariats at a cost of Rs.15.20 crore

 -  RBKs with another Rs.8.27 crore

 - Establishment of YSR Village Clinics at a cost of Rs. 4 crores

 - Minister of State for Civil Supplies Kodali Nani

 Gudivada, July 26 (prajaamaravati): Kodali Srivenkateswara Rao (Nani), Minister of State for Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, has said that village and ward secretariat buildings are being constructed in Krishna District Gudiwada constituency at a cost of Rs 15.20 crore.  On Monday, Minister Kodali Nani reviewed with the authorities on the construction work of village and ward secretariats, RBKs and YSR Village Clinics in the constituency in Krishna District Gudivada.  Speaking on the occasion, Minister Kodali Nani said that CM Jaganmohan Reddy has brought the village and ward secretariat system in the state in a way that is not available anywhere in the country.  The system is aimed at providing governance that is free from corruption and discrimination.  He said the issue would be resolved within 72 hours of application to the village and ward secretariats for services like pensions, rice cards, housing, drinking water issues, medical, health, revenue, child welfare, poultry etc.  Two years after the establishment of the system, new regulations have been introduced to ensure that employees reside within the Secretariat to reach out to the public.  The address of the employees will be available in the respective secretariats.  Also, in Gudivada constituency, we are constructing RBKs at a cost of Rs 8.27 crore.  He said 1,898 RBK centers were made available to farmers in the state.  He said another 10,000 centers would be completed in the next four months.  In Gudivada constituency, the construction work of RBK centers will be completed in two months.  These centers will provide all kinds of hints and tips to the farmers from sowing to selling the crop.  He said the centers were working to provide crop loans, insurance and affordable prices.  He said the aim of these RBK centers was to reduce investment cost to farmers and make cultivation profitable.  Meanwhile, YSR Village Clinics are being constructed in Gudivada constituency at a cost of Rs 4 crore.  He said the village clinics to take the population of 2,000 as a unit and adapt to the conditions there.  Staff who have studied BSc Nursing will be available in this clinic.  Steps are being taken to ensure free primary care here for every patient.  He said nearly 13,000 village clinics will be made available across the state.  Minister Kodali Nani said the government has taken steps to ensure medical treatment at the village level as well.