Govt should reinstate Bharat Mata statue at Tadepalli


Lokesh decries undermining of tribal laws and GOs

Jagan and Co should stop illegal bauxite mining

Govt should reinstate Bharat Mata statue at Tadepalli

AMARAVATI(prajaamaravati) : TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Tuesday demanded that the YSRCP Government should stop the illegal bauxite mining in the scheduled tribal areas immediately in order to protect the forest wealth and rights of the Adivasis livinig there.

Mr. Lokesh said that the Jagan Reddy and Co should halt their daylight looting of bauxite under the cover of laterite permission in the agency area. There was an immediate need to protect the rights of the tribals by ensuring strict implementation of their laws and GOs. The humiliation of the Adivasis by making them squat on the floor was reflective of the arrogant attitude of the Jagan Reddy regime.

In a statement here, Mr. Nara Lokesh asserted that the tribals were only agitating against the Rampachodavaram ITDA for putting a question mark on their very existence. But, the Government sent them to jail by filing false cases. Now, the tribals' representatives were invited in the name of holding talks and then they were detained illegally by the police and made to squat on the floor as if they were criminals.

Mr. Lokesh deplored that the officer, who was supposed to implement laws to protect the tribal rights, was committing an unpardonable offence of destroying the Adivasis. From the beginning, the Jagan Reddy Government was targetting and crushing the tribals by undermining the laws and GOs meant for their well being. All sections of society in Andhra Pradesh faced unchecked exploitation and persecution in the past two years.

Condemning the deterioration of law and order, Mr. Nara Lokesh said that the YSRCP leaders were perpetrating greater offences than even the Afghanistan Talibans. Mr. Jagan Reddy had demolished the houses of poor families beside his Tadepalli residence out of limitless arrogance. Now, the CM got the statue of Bharat Mata demolished in the name of security for him. It only exposed the dictatorial and faction mindset of the Chief Minister.

Mr. Lokesh demanded that the Government immediately reinstate the Bharata Mata statue in Tadepalli and say unconditional apology to the people for his adamant attitude.