TDP stir not funeral politics but moral support to victims

Lokesh 20-day deadline to Govt over Ramya murder

TDP stir not funeral politics but moral support to victims

Jagan should give punishment to accused under Disha Act

TDP will agitate again if CM fails to do justice

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Monday gave a 20-day deadline to the Jaganmohan Reddy Government to complete the investigation and hand over stringent punishment to the culprit in the Guntur Dalit girl murder case.

Mr. Lokesh asserted that the TDP would launch another agitation on the 21st day if the Chief Minister failed to fulfill his promise made at the time of bringing in the Disha Act. Over 500 women fell victims to the atrocities and killings but not even one of them got justice under the so-called Disha law. This time, as a responsible opposition party, the TDP would bring pressure on the CM to do justice to the victimised women.

Addressing a press conference at the TDP Central Office here, Mr. Nara Lokesh recalled how Mr. Jagan Reddy eloquently said at the time of bringing the Disha Act that they would give punishment to the offenders in atrocities cases within 21 days of committing the crime. But, this promise was not fulfilled till now. The accused person in the sensational killing of Anusha in Narasaraopet was out on bail contrary to the promise of the Chief Minister.

Mr. Lokesh termed it as unfortunate that the police officers were accusing the TDP of doing funeral politics over the killing of Ramya Sri in Guntur. It was only to give moral support and strength to the victimised family that the TDP leaders went to their residence. It was the strong commitment of the TDP that such misfortune and tragedy should not happen to any other sister or parent in the State from this day onwards.

Mr. Nara Lokesh further said that it was only due to the inefficiency of the Jagan Reddy Government and the police that the crimes and atrocities on women were rising in AP. Women were becoming victims of atrocities every two days under the YSRCP chaotic regime. The police were not coming to the rescue of women and girls even though they were making complaints about harassment from criminals.

Mr. Lokesh asked why the police harassed only the TDP leaders but did not 151 notices to the ruling YSRCP leaders who created ruckus during the opposition leaders' visit to Ramya's residence. Clearly, the police were hand in glove with the ruling YSRCP leaders and they were implementing the Raja Reddy constitution. The police laid their hands on former Minister Anand Babu and manhandled Alapati Rajendra Prasad, Sravan Kumar and Dhulipalla Narendra Kumar.

Taking strong objection, Mr. Nara Lokesh asserted that their party would initiate legal action against the police officers who behaved in a high-handed manner during their visit to the victim's family. It was now proved that our CM was just a 'gunless Jagan' who was just remaining helpless when innocent girls were falling victim to criminals and murderers. Out of frustration, the YSRCP rowdies attacked the TDP leaders in Guntur today.