Bad politics to stop his wife

 - Bad politics to stop his wife 

 - Who says something about Babu's wife 

 - Should the wife hold the shirt there no matter what ...?

 - Chandrababu is a political prostitute 

- Action launched in front of cameras .. Camera .. Start ..

- Babu goes down in history as a man who obstructed his wife for politics 

- Chandrababu crying is a thief drama 

- Retail man launches retail politics 

  Amravati- Secretariat, November 19 (prajaamaravati): When I was told that I was being boycotted in the assembly, or at the TDLP meeting that followed, when I got in the car and went to the party office .. Chandrababu was nowhere to be seen .. When he went to the party office and saw the media cameras, Action .. Camera .. Start ..  Kodali Srivenkateswara Rao (Nani), Minister of State for Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, said the drama was bloody, with tears streaming down his face.  On Friday, Minister Kodali Nani spoke to the media.  Chandrababu is a drama artist in politics.  NTR said about Chandrababu in those days that he is an actor beyond himself.  Today, at the age of 72, Chandrababu is the man who stole the Chief Minister's post from NTR Gary.  In those days, NTR always cried that he would suspend NTR and leave the party.  Although Chandrababu, NTR did not cry in public .. he cried and cried and cried and cried and cried in the living room and finally his heart stopped and he died.  Now the days come to mind.  Jagan always says that God is watching over us no matter what we do and that people should be blessed.  If you look at the situation of Chandrababu .. He lost badly in all the elections from the 2019 general election to Kuppam Municipality and could not face Jagan Mohan Reddy politically.  Chandrababu is saying today that he also said the words to my wife.  Chandrababu, who also used his wife for politics, must have died as a moral man.  The people of the state do not care about such Chandrababu dramas and new sense programs.  God made Jagan the Chief Minister with the blessings of the people.  Chandrababu is a retailer who does retail politics every day.  Chandrababu's crying is a thief's play and today his play is very lively.  Did Chandrababu and his party say anything about the real Chandrababu's wife?  Nope.  Wife means anyone will leave the legislature laughing .. Why did Chandrababu go.  Does it mean that the wife should hold the shirt there .. should she cry even in the assembly .. what is the name of those who cry after asking all the advice and putting the cameras ..?  Chandrababu will go down in history as a man who used his wife for political purposes at this level.  No one in the assembly spoke about Chandrababu's wife.  Babai, ax, mother, sister .. Chandrababe repeatedly spoke sarcastically and provocatively.  Did anyone see Chandrababu talking about his wife ..?  What happened in the House was also recorded on the cell phones of some members of the TDP.  Is there such a thing anywhere ..?  Show a single video of a particular member of the assembly talking about Chandrababu's wife. Political prostitute Chandrababu.  A man with such a vile mentality should also be questioned by his wife.  Does anyone do such a vile thing .. for living politically, for not being able to win a single MLA, for not being able to win in the heap, does anyone do such vile politics ..?  Earlier, in the same assembly, the people of the state saw how Chandrababu had given mics to his party members and insulted Jagan Mohan Reddy and his family members.  Because God exists, Kodela, who was the speaker today, committed suicide and died because he encouraged them today.  God today gave the right punishment to Chandrababu who insulted NTR.  Minister Kodali Nani said that people should not allow Chandrababu to enter the assembly in his life.