Jagan greed destroying aided colleges

Lokesh decries lathicharge on SSBN students

Jagan greed destroying aided colleges

Dictators will bite dust due to student agitations

No right to protest in Raja Reddy constitution

AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Monday condemned the lathicharge resorted to by the police on the peacefully protesting students at the SSBN College in Anantapur. Head injuries were caused to the students in the ghastly incident.

Lokesh asked whether it was a crime under the Raja Reddy constitution to hold even a protest against the Government's anti-student policies. The SSBN students were only exercising their democratic right to oppose the privatisation of the long-established aided institutions.

In a statement here, Nara Lokesh demanded that any dictator, however cruel he might be, would have to bite the dust before the agitations of youth and students. The Government should identify and punish the police responsible for the indiscriminate lathicharge on the Anantapur students. Jagan Reddy's arrogant regime got exposed once again with the latest breaking of heads of peacefully protesting students.

Lokesh advised the Jagan Reddy Government to withdraw its GOs that were aimed at destroying the aided educational institutions. The ruling party leaders had set their sights on the prime properties of these age-old schools and colleges. They should be protested as their role in providing educational opportunities in their respective areas was unforgettable.

Nara Lokesh decried the non-stop 'anti-people' policies being taken by the Government, regardless of the rising resentment and public discontent. The ruling party was coming out with indefensible arguments in support of its policies instead of taking corrective measures. Jagan Reddy asked people to go to Yanam to find out the difference in petrol rates during the Chandrababu regime. But now, the YSRCP leaders can go to any other State in the country to find out how their Jagan regime was collecting the highest fuel rates.

Objecting to the YSRCP's 'unjust rule', Lokesh accused the Government of politicising the educational institutions by using muscle power against the students. It was inhuman to disperse hundreds and thousands of students who gathered at the main gate of their college to protect their mother-like institution. Why would the students come on to the roads if the Chief Minister would take sane decisions?

The TDP leader asserted that the countdown has started for the decline of CM Jagan Reddy after a series of state-sponsored attacks on all sections of society. In the beginning, the Chief Minister used the police only to suppress the opposition TDP leaders. Steadily, the police oppression was extended to all other sections. Now, even the students were not being spared from the state attacks.

Nara Lokesh deplored that the future of over 2 lakh students plunged into darkness because of the ulterior plans to loot the lands of the aided institutions. The Jagan rule was responsible for AP to fall to the 19th position in quality education in the entire country. It would not be possible for Jagan Reddy to betray and cheat the students just like how he was playing with other sections of people in the State.