Blames Govt for death of four children


Lokesh concern over 'mystery fevers' in agency

Blames Govt for death of four children

Quality healthcare needed for 50 ill students

Govt should stop further fatalities

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh has expressed concern over the death of over four children due to the outbreak of a mysterious viral disease at Bodigudem village in Koyyalagudem mandal of West Godavari district.

Lokesh said that over 50 students fell ill with the viral fevers and they were admitted to different hospitals. It was condemnable that the Government was not extending any help to them. For the past few weeks, the students below 15 years of age were suffering from fevers and different symptoms.

In a statement here on Monday, Lokesh deplored that though the children were losing their lives for the past one month, the Government was turning a blind eye. The officials of the medical and health department were not taking any action at the field level. They just held a medical camp as a ritual and washed their hands of the medical emergency situation prevailing in the agency.

Nara Lokesh termed it as 'unfortunate' that the Government was not yet able to ascertain the reasons for the outbreak of the viral fevers. Nobody was able to say whether pollution of drinking water or air or food was responsible for the death of the four students.

Lokesh said due to absence of help from the Government, the tribal parents were getting medical treatment locally and their children were falling victims. The lack of quality medical care was leading to further deterioration of their health conditions. At such a time, the Government officials were just giving statements asking the tribal people not to get panicky over the fevers.

Referring to the YSRCP's promises, Lokesh recalled how CM Jaganmohan Reddy would repeatedly declare himself to be the self-appointed 'mena mama' (maternal uncle) of all the children in the State. The CM should now realise that nobody would be able to make such a claim when they would not show even the least concern when the children were falling ill and dying.

Lokesh demanded that the Government should swing into action before the medical situation due to viral fevers would slip out of control. Medical teams should be roped in along with medicines on a war footing in the agency areas that were affected. Steps should be taken to prevent the spread of the viral infections.

Nara Lokesh urged for providing quality medical care to all the 50 students who were taking treatment at different hospitals. Their parents should be given confidence in protecting their children's lives. All steps should be taken to prevent any further fatalities.