Commercial capital' turned into a 'city of no destiny'

Lokesh blames Govt for IT companies leaving Vizag

HSBC closure a big setback to North Andhra youth

'Commercial capital' turned into a 'city of no destiny'

Jagan rule facing 'trust deficit' among investors

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Thursday asserted that the YSRCP Government's 'trust deficit' was once again exposed as major IT companies were leaving Visakhapatnam despite its move to develop the steel city into the 'executive capital' for Andhra Pradesh.

Lokesh expressed concern that the HSBC, which has created thousands of jobs for the youth in North Andhra districts, has also closed down now. While Jaganmohan Reddy was wasting time in the name of the impracticable 3 Capitals plan, the investors and industrialists were silently vanishing from the State.

In a statement here, Lokesh said HSBC has come to stand as a landmark company by creating huge opportunities in North Andhra for the past 15 years. Such a company has now left the State for which the ruling YSRCP owed an explanation to the public. The Chief Minister should at least now stop his betrayal of the AP people in the name of the so-called decentralization.

Nara Lokesh advised the ruling party MLAs and MPs to stop taking political and financial advantage out of Vizag and start creating a conducive atmosphere for the overall development. All efforts should be made to prevent the flight of industries and companies to other States.

Lokesh said many companies and corporates have silently left Andhra Pradesh in the face of the dictatorial policies of the Jagan Reddy regime. The threats and intimidation by the ruling party leaders and MLAs have raised huge concerns in all sections. How could the State raise its revenue sources if there would be no industrial growth and no economic activity?

Condemning the ruling YSRCP's 'indifference', Lokesh recalled how Visakhapatnam assumed greater significance and rose to prominence as an IT hub and as the commercial capital city of the entire AP during the previous TDP regime. The entire North Andhra region witnessed robust growth opportunities at that time. In just two and half years, the YSRCP rule has turned Vizag into a 'city of no destiny'.

Nara Lokesh deplored that all-round destruction and demolitions took place in the State in the name of caste and regional disparities. The ruling party leaders have only focused on their selfish political games by dividing people along regional, communal and caste lines. Eventually, they ended up doing permanent damage to the future generations of the AP youth.

Lokesh saluted the Indian soldiers on the occasion of 50 years completion of the war in which they gave a strong counter to Pakistan's aggression across the borders. Five decades have been completed since the victory of the Indian forces. In just 13 days, the Indian army made the rival forces bite the dust. The whole country was paying tributes to the Indian forces on the occasion of Vijay Diwas Day.