False writings in support of Jagan

 - If they do not know that Gudivada means Kodali Nani and Kodali Nani means Gudivada, it is their fault

 - False writings in support of Jagan

 - Toxic propaganda of Gaddam Gang in Gudivada

 - Minister of State for Civil Supplies Kodali Nani

 Thadepalli, Dec 28 (prajaamaravati): Gudivada means Kodali Nani and Kodali Nani means Gudivada.  Minister Kodali Nani spoke to reporters near the media point in Thadepalli on Monday night.  ABN Radhakrishna and BR Naidu are making a fuss in the dabba channels as if the Gaddam Gang is doing something in Gudivada.  The people in Gudivada said that they would win him as an MLA and all the people there were mine.  For hours on the Dabba channels, it was said that something was amiss, a panchayat worth Rs. Crore.  The realtor wrote a letter to his son before he died saying that the trustworthy person in Gudivada constituency was Kodali Nani, that you should contact him whenever you need him, that the rest of the week should be robbed and trusted, and that Kodali Nani would help us.  Articles are circulating as if Gaddam Gang is collecting money under these circumstances.  The giver of money, the one who has to give, the one who speaks are my people.  CM Jagan is being poisoned by writing false writings on him in some way.  In support of Jagan, he is doing a feather peek program for the egg.  Minister Kodali Nani said that he did not sell the oil on the pretext of stealing and that the broker did not work for Chandrababu.