Chandrababu who blew up agriculture when he was in power

 - Chandrababu who blew up agriculture when he was in power

 - CM Jaganmohan Reddy government in favor of farmers

 - We offer compensation within the lost season

 - Minister of State for Civil Supplies Kodali Nani

 - Jayalakshmi Engineering Works Calendar Launch

 Gudivada, Jan 6 (prajaamaravati): State Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister Kodali Srivenkateswara Rao (Nani) has slammed Chandrababu for leaving agriculture in the lurch as he was in power.  Minister Kodali Nani on Thursday unveiled the 2022 New Year calendar printed by AP Faram Missionary and Implements Manufacturers and Dealers Association state working president Allam Rammohan at Jayalakshmi Engineering Works on Kakarla Street in Gudivada town, Krishna district on Thursday.  Speaking to media on the occasion, Minister Kodali Nani said that Allam Rammohan, Head, Jayalakshmi Engineering Works, has been printing a New Year calendar every year.  He said there were many problems related to the subsidy of farm equipment.  He said the last government had arrears of Rs 550 crore.  He said Rs 300 crore had been paid in arrears after the formation of the CM Jaganmohan Reddy government. He had spoken to minister Kannababu about the Rs 250 crore arrears and the matter was also under the purview of CM Jaganmohan Reddy.  He said the pending dues would be paid by next March.  He said the previous government had not paid Rs 4,500 crore in arrears on seeds, input subsidies, crop compensation and grain payments to farmers.  After CM Jaganmohan Reddy came to power, farmers were being compensated less than a season for crop losses.  About Rs 4,000 crore in arrears have also been paid.  We purchase grain at the village level through RBK centers and provide seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to the farmers.  We are building secretariats, RBK centers and YSR health clinics on a war footing. He said the CM Jagan Mohan Reddy government was standing by the farmers.  He said there were mistakes and sins made by past governments.  Chandrababu has been accused of obstructing Amravati from growing his benami assets and using the Polavaram project as an ATM.  We are moving forward with a view to meeting the needs of today while correcting past government failures.  He said CM Jaganmohan Reddy was providing good governance with the aim of welfare of the people despite the good economic condition of the state.  Minister Kodali Nani said steps would be taken to release the arrears of small industries in the state immediately.  YSR Congress Party state leader Dukkipati Sasibhushan, former municipal vice chairman Adapa Babji, YSR Congress party district steering committee member Mandali Hanumantrao, party town president Gorla Sreenu, former councilors Allam Suryaprabha, Madasu Venkatalakshmi, Mallipudi Srinivasa Chakravarthi, Jyotula Satyaveni and Matta John Victor, Remalli Pasi, YCP leaders Adabala Apparao and others participated.