Did Chandrababu give a sword and guard the Buddha that he was committing adultery?

 - Did Chandrababu give a sword and guard the Buddha that he was committing adultery?

 - DGP, what do you think Kodali Nani means

 - Do they want to land on a loan sex racket?

 - Babu Usko means disco now

 - Warning to Buddha Venkanna not to go mad

 - Minister of State for Civil Supplies Kodali Nani

 Amravati, Jan 24 (prajaamaravati): State Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister Kodali Srivenkateswara Rao (Nani) has said that Chandrababu was involved in prostitution in a house on the embankment and guarded Buddha Venkanna with a sword.  Media point minister Kodali Nani spoke near the CM’s camp office media point on Monday night.  He gave a sword saying that he was committing adultery inside and asked if Chandrababu had guarded Buddha Venkanna.  Minister Kodali Nani said why should he be afraid when nothing happens in Chandrababu's house.  A man carrying coconut shells and bicycle bells near the Kanakadurgamma temple came on screen and shouted loudly.  Buddha Venkanna says that if Chandrababu touches the gate, he will cut it down and send the corpse. Buddha Venkanna, What do you think, DGP, Kodali Nani is angry that you want to take loans. Chandrababu Usko means disco, what now, he warned Buddha Venkanna not to act insane.  Nara Chandrababu Naidu is said to be the culprit of all the misery and misery that befell the state.  He said it was unfortunate for the state to be the Leader of the Opposition with the problem of forgetfulness at the age of 70.  TV5 BR Naidu, Ramojirao and ABN Radhakrishnan are giving buildup as if they are living for the people in the pursuit of media.  The heads of the three TV channels have been focusing on myself, searching for the people of the state for days a week.  He said that he had tried to burn my hair and sack the minister.  Attempts to beat Jagan and deport him from Andhra Pradesh were also in vain.  As part of this, a campaign was started to find out that something had happened in Gudivada, which was renamed as Casino.  The perverted media and the useless Chandrababu K. Convention Casino have been badly publicized.  On the 21st of this month, he challenged the K. Convention to pour petrol and commit suicide if it proved that the casino was located on two and a half acres.  420 people changed the word that happened the next day near the K. Convention.  It is said that this happened in Gudivada today and we have evidence.  According to the social media website set up by the TDP office, the casino is located in Gudivada and is based on information that  Day is scheduled to come.  Another came and took a flight from Gannavaram Airport to Bangalore and from there to Goa, which is also said to be evidence.  They want to know if they came to Gudivada or Chandrababu house on the embankment.  He said he knew who had put the drawers on and stabbed Lokesh in the abdomen.  They asked if the original flight tickets had arrived for you and if you had booked them yourself.  Bring in the trash and show the evidence within four days.  He was admitted to AIG Hospital, Hyderabad from the 6th of this month with health problems till the 16th.  Criticisms are being leveled at me horizontally as I like.  Nietzscheans, who have no respect for women, are said to have committed half-naked appearances and adultery when a woman was seen.  Chandrababu is sending to the DIG, SP, Collector and DGP that he is the culprit in the murder of Mooka Bhaskara Rao of Machilipatnam, a who had experienced women in debt in Kalmani, Sexsocket, and a fact-finding committee with retailers who had collected money from selling companies.  He questioned why IAS and IPS respect such 420s.  Chandrababu did not send even one of the right ones.  Come out and say 420s are going crazy.  The days are near when sock foxes like Chandrababu will chase away itchy dogs.  We are giving time till 2034.  Two and a half years ago, the people of this state buried 420 men, widows and New Sense men like Chandrababu in politics.  The YSR Congress party has won 95 per cent of the seats in the Panchayats, ZP, Mandala Parishad, Municipal and Corporation elections as well as in the Assembly and Parliament by-elections without getting any deposits from the TDP.  It has become a habit for the 420s to go insane whether they have a mouth or not.  Chandrababu says why Kodali Nani did not come to the wedding hall when the fact-finding committee came to Gudivada and did not come because of something happening there, otherwise why are you afraid.  The real confirmation is that something happened in the wedding hall because he did not come.  Chandrababu, I have information that prostitution is taking place in your house. I will also bring a camera. Will you give me permission?  Chandrababu said that he has been saying that if he gives, I will also give.  When I did not come to the K Convention for fear, Buddha grabbed the sword behind his back and asked why Chandrababu was standing in front of the house.  The DGP was told that 420 batch, Chandrababu together could not peek a single piece.  DGP Gautam Sawang, who was the Vijayawada commissioner, said he did not know who Buddha Venkanna, Bonda Uma, Lokesh and Chandrababu were.  Gautam Sawang has served as an IPS officer for 30 years in various capacities.  The officer said he was making allegations against the DGP for not being able to put the pressmeet back on.  Buddha Venkanna, you wants to keep their fists near the batch of coconut shells.  He said there would be dire consequences if the madman asked whether the mouthpiece was from Hyderabad or not.  The government has warned the police not to look down.  Even in the 2024 elections, the people of the state will bury Chandrababu and the TDP in the political grave of the TDP.  420 Channels l, Minister Kodali Nani said that not even a hair on the little finger can peel together with Chandrababu.

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అమరావతి రైతుల మహా పాదయాత్ర చరిత్ర పుటల్లో నిలిచిపోతుంది
మహిషమస్తక నృత్త వినోదిని స్ఫుటరణన్మణి నూపుర మేఖలా జనరక్షణ మోక్ష విధాయిని జయతి శుంభ నిశుంభ నిషూధిని.