Lokesh slams YSRCP for doing 'murder politics'

Lokesh slams YSRCP for doing 'murder politics'

Decries murder of TDP leader in Gundlapadu

CM losing patience over rising resentment

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Thursday expressed concern that the general public and the opposition leaders had no safety to their lives ever since an heir to 'murder politics' became the Chief Minister of the State in 2019.

Lokesh condemned the latest murder of TDP leader Thota Chandraiah at Gundlapadu village in Macherla assembly constituency in Guntur district. The ruling YSRCP faction had killed Chandraiah who had been raising his voice against the ruling party's atrocities.

In a statement here, Lokesh said the Chief Minister and his party leaders had no idea how to impress the people by taking up development activities. Eventually, they started victimising all those who were questioning their inefficiency. Chandraiah has been serving as the TDP village unit president and his murder was highly condemnable.

Nara Lokesh said in the distant past, Vykunta Ekadasi was a significant day when all the gods went to Srimannarayana and got his blessings to get rid of the oppressive demons. All should pray to Murari for his blessings to Andhra Pradesh for liberation from the Rakshas rule. May Maha Vishnu confer happiness and prosperity on every Telugu family.

Lokesh called upon the people to revolt and unitedly fight against the lawless mobs of the ruling YSRCP in Macherla segment. The TDP would extend all the required support to the Chandraiah family.