Otherwise tell me what Chandrababu and Lokesh will do

 - Will politics be abandoned if it is proved that gambling and casino took place at K Convention in Gudivada?

 - Pour petrol and ignite the fire

 - Otherwise tell me what Chandrababu and Lokesh will do

 - TDP is a surviving history of girls being barricaded

 - Tell me how the party, the post of CM, the bicycle symbol came to be

 - Minister of State for Civil Supplies Kodali Nani

 Amravati, January 21 (prajaamaravati): Krishna District Gudivada town on Lingavaram road in an area of ​​two and a half acres there is a K. convention.  Prove that there was gambling and casino going on there during Sankranthi.  State Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister Kodali Srivenkateswara Rao (Nani) then challenged him to quit politics and pour petrol.  Minister Kodali Nani spoke to the media near the Secretariat on Friday.  Gambling and casino activities are taking place in Gudivada.  This must be proved by itchy dogs, breed dogs.  Otherwise Chandrababu, Lokesh, he asked what ​​would do. However, Chandrababu always does such trivial activities.  Varla Ramaiah, who had never won in the fact-finding committee, was accused of harassing women and laying down the losers in Vijayawada.  Trying to make a fuss in a quiet hut.   He said some of the dogs eating the pedigree were recording dancing.  He was reported to be doing recording dances with women. Immediately phoned the DSP and informed him.  I have given orders that such events should not take place.  The DSP went there and dispatched everyone from there within six hours.  It is alleged that the casino player acted in a way that tarnished his image.  He said that even if chandrababu, his father Kharjuranayudu came,  could not even comb his hair on his little finger in Gudivada.  Chandrababu was warned to refrain from insane outbursts.  Dogs eating pedigree near Chandrababu are barking.  He said there was no need to care too much about them. The challenge was to prove that the casino was organized at the K. convention.  He said there were people in Gudivada and the media could go and hold an inquiry.  If those sent by Chandrababu go, they will come and eat in the hands of the people.  No one obstructed the members of the fact-finding committee in Gudivada. He said he would be knocked out if he went near the K. convention.  The trivial monks survived because of the police.  He said the media can go neutral.  Chandrababu and his son Lokesh want to know what to do if it turns out that the casino did not happen.  He said that the Telugu Desam Party has a history of living by blocking girls.  Lakshmiparvati was intercepted and betrayed by NTR.  TDP has been criticized by Chandrababu for snatching the Chief Minister's post.  Chandrababu is the broker who intercepted the girl and got the bicycle mark.  Critics say Chandrababu is the villain who put his wife on the road for politics.  Minister Kodali Nani has made it clear that he does not care about the criticism made by Chandrababu and the nonsense media.