Joins government Jagan- Kodali sentiment

  - Kodali Nani who has earned lakhs of fans with his glamour

   -  Joins government Jagan- Kodali sentiment 

   - YCP wins consecutive by-elections, local bodies 

  - Rising voting percentage for YCP for three years 

   - Kodali Nani has no less adoration for Jagan 

  - Kodali has an unbroken relationship with NTR fans 

  - Kodali who took NTR relatives to Jagan 

   - Kodali Nani plays a key role in the formation of NTR district 

  - Kodali Nani steps towards grounding TDP 

Gudivada, April 9 (prajaamaravathi): There is no doubt that Kodali Srivenkateswara Rao alias Nani, who has no big acquaintance in state politics, has earned lakhs of fans across the state with his glamour.  It is a well-known fact that Kodali Nani's glamor has helped him to grow step by step in the last 30 years. Perni Venkatramayya (Nani), who has served as an associate minister, on one occasion said that Kodali Nani has a huge following beyond the movie star.  Kodali Nani's meeting with the glamorous CM Jaganmohan Reddy also brought the government together. There are those who consider the Jagan- Kodali Nani combination as sentimental.  While CM Jaganmohan Reddy has been enforcing welfare in the Corona crisis, Kodali Nani has been tying up the Opposition in his own style without any hindrance.  Panchayat, Mandal Parishad, Zilla Parishad, Municipal, Corporation and by-elections have been held in the state in the last three years.  The election results did not fall short of Kodali Nani's expectations.  With this, Kodali Nani's sentimental party has been gaining strength in the government as well.  At one stage there was even a situation where the TDP withdrew from the election.  It is noteworthy that the YSR Congress party voting has increased significantly in the three years since the last assembly elections.  Kodali Nani, who has been a minister for the past three years, has been involved in various activities across the state.  Fans seem to be more interested in meeting Kodali Nani and taking photos with him wherever he goes, no matter how small or big.  The party ranks in the political meetings and conventions were more enthusiastic.  Gudivada town attracts a large number of fans from all over the state to meet Kodali Nani throughout the year.  Kodali Nani Flexis are on a large scale in many constituencies of the state.  Such an ax does not diminish the sense of adoration for CM Jagan.  When he first won as an MLA, he looked closely at the late Rajasekhara Reddy and became a fan of his.  He resigned as an MLA two years earlier if Jagan was detained on illegal charges and walked along with him.  To this day, Telugudesam is doing nothing to Chandrababu and his party without looking down on the party.  He welcomed the decision taken by CM Jagan on cabinet expansion.  Kodali Nani once again expressed his adoration that CM Jagan is suffering more than them.  During the Prajasankalpa Yatra, the Civil Supplies Department was guided by the assurance given by CM Jaganmohan Reddy on the public distribution system.  Ration door delivery system was introduced like nowhere else in the country.  Kodali Nani made a door delivery demo vehicle in Gudivada Autonagar and impressed Jagan.  On the other hand, Minister Kodali Nani also has good relations with NTR fans.  NTR relatives and villagers were taken to CM Jagan who came to NTR hometown Nimmakuru.  He announced with CM Jagan that he would form a district under the name of NTR if he came to power.  Minister Kodali Nani played a key role in the formation of the NTR district with Vijayawada as the center in the reorganization of the districts.  Kodali Nani along with NTR fans anointed the bronze statue of NTR in front of Gudivada NTR Stadium and also sought permission from CM Jagan to erect a huge NTR statue at Nimmakuru.  At the same time, it is a well-known fact that Chandrababu secrets also waged a big war with the invisible enemy behind what seemed to all the people of the state to be Kodali Nani warn. Explaining the betrayal of NTR, Kodali Nani seems to be taking steps to bury the Telugu Desam Party with his fans and bury Chandrababu and Lokesh in politics.