Build a house for every poor person in Gudivada constituency


 - Build a house for every poor person in Gudivada constituency

 - Otherwise there will be no mention of contesting in the 2024 elections

 - Do not vote if i do not give anyone a house or a place

 - Construction of 8,912 Tidco houses on 77 acres given by YSR

 - We are constructing a bus stand in Gudivada at a cost of Rs. 23 crores

 - Construction of Government Hospital Building at a cost of Rs. 13 crores

 - Flyover on Bhimavaram and Machilipatnam railway gates at a cost of Rs. 340 crore

 - Another flyover over Rs. 130 crore Mallayipalem railway gate

 - Construction of roads in the colonies of the constituency at a cost of Rs. 50 crores

 - Will the hut be fully developed

 - Gudivada MLA Kodali Srivenkateswara Rao (Nani)

 Gudivada, May 11 (prajaamaravathi): Gudivada MLA Kodali Srivenkateswara Rao (Nani) has said that he will build a house for every deserving poor person in Gudivada constituency.  Otherwise, he will not be able to contest the 2024 elections.  He said he would not vote if he did not give anyone a house and a place to live. On Wednesday, organized a program for "Gadapa gadapaku mana prabhutvam" in the 22nd ward of Gudivada town. 

On this occasion Kodali Nani went to the house and met the people.  Inquired about their problems and found out.  Showed an immediate solution to some problems.  The concerned authorities have been directed to resolve some other issues immediately.  Kodali Nani then addressed the people.

Gudivada is the only constituency in the state where 8,912 Tidco houses are being constructed.  It is said that the late Chief Minister Rajasekhara Reddy bought 77 acres of land required for the construction of these houses.  He said that after the formation of the YCP government, the construction of unfinished houses was being completed with the help of CM Jaganmohan Reddy.  We are building more than 30 lakh houses for the poor like no other state in the country.  Without the late Rajasekhara Reddy and CM Jaganmohan Reddy, 16,000 poor people in Gudivada town would have been left homeless.  The construction of houses will be completed and handed over in the places allotted to all the deserving poor.  Tidco, who is eligible in Gudivada town by the time of the 2024 elections, has made it clear that he will not contest the elections even if he says he has not got a house or a home degree.  The 420 people who ruled Gudivada constituency for 20 years said there was no need to lie like Chandrababu.  He has won four consecutive terms as an MLA and has not been in power three times.  He said that this time he has been given power for five years and in the next two years, he has handed over tidco houses and houses to 22,000 people in Gudivada constituency and has ambitiously launched a program where all the beneficiaries live in their own houses. The TDP was formed in the state in 1983.  Former MLA Ravi Shobhanadri Chowdhury and his sons have been elected as MLAs for Gudivada constituency since 1985.  They were asked by someone not to build an RTC bus stand in Gudivada.  Soon after the formation of the YCP government, we are constructing an RTC bus stand in Gudivada with Rs.23 crore government funds.  Construction work will be completed by the next election.  The Gudivada area govt hospital building, built during the NTR regime, is in a state of disrepair.  A new building is being constructed to replace this building at a cost of Rs.13 crore.  Another Rs.5 crore will be provided for infrastructure like dialysis units.  He said that the area government hospital is being developed in line with the private hospitals.  The flyover at Gudivada was constructed during the NTR regime.  Not a single flyover has been built since then. On Gudiwada-Pamarru road, he said flyovers should be constructed near Bhimavaram, Machilipatnam railway gates.  We are constructing a flyover from near Gudivada RTC bus stand to Gudivada Rural Mandal Billapadu at a cost of Rs. 340 crore.  He said the flyover would be useful for traffic in Gudivada town.  We are also constructing subways near Bhimavaram and Machilipatnam railway gates. Another flyover will be constructed near the Gudivada Rural Mandal

Mallayipalem railway gate at a cost of Rs. 30 crore. Mandapadu, Dhaniyalapeta, Vambe colony and Indiranagar colonies in Gudivada constituency were formed during the reign of Indira Gandhi and NTR.  CM Jaganmohan Reddy has allocated Rs. 50 crore has been allotted.  He said the construction of cement roads, electricity and drinking water facilities would be completed within the next six months after the completion of the tender process. He said that "Gadapa gadapaku mana prabhutvam" is conducting a program and we are meeting the people on this occasion.  We are aware of the problems of the people and are working for an immediate solution.  He asked the officials and party leaders to bring any issues to their notice.  No matter how many crores are spent, all the problems will be solved in the order of priority and the development programs required by the people will be taken up.  Kodali Nani has promised to develop the Gudivada constituency in a manner unknown to anyone during the five-year rule of the YCP government.  YCP state leader Dukkipati Sasibhushan, town president Gorla Srinu, rural mandal president Matta John Victor, NTR stadium committee vice-chairman Paleti Chanti, leaders Paladugu Ramprasad, Pasaladi Esubabu, Pasaladi Shekhar, Yarlagadda Satyabhushan, Gutta Nani, Thota Rajesh and Municipal Commissioner PJ Sampath Kumar, Assistant Commissioner Rangarao and others.