Kodali Nani should resign over NTR varsity name change

  *- Kodali Nani should resign over NTR varsity name change*

  *- Otherwise people will understand the real nature*

  *- Kodali thinks I have hypocritical love for NTR*

  *- State Executive Secretary of Telugu Desam Party Sistla Lohit*

 Gudivada, September 21(prajaamaravathi): Telugu Desam Party State Executive Secretary and Workers Welfare Fund Coordinator Sistla Lohit has demanded the resignation of Gudivada MLA Kodali Nani over changing the name of NTR Health University.  Sistla Lohit issued a statement at the Krishna district gudivada on Wednesday.  He said that NTR is a symbol of Telugu nation's self-respect.  He expressed anger that NTR changed the name of the university and burnt the self-esteem of Andhra people.  He expressed his grief that NTR's name was restricted to a small district by dividing the joint Krishna district.  CM Jagan, who claims to have established NTR district himself, questioned whether NTR university should be changed in the same district.  He said that CM Jagan has opened a conspiracy to remove NTR's name from people.  He said that this conspiracy was exposed by changing the name of NTR University. He said that they can change the name of NTR to the university, but they cannot erase it from the hearts of the people.  He said that the entire Telugu nation was shocked by NTR's name change. He said that Padma Shri Dr. Yarlagadda Lakshmiprasad resigned from the post after being deeply offended. Gudiwada MLA Kodali Nani, who measures NTR as a god, said that he should respond, otherwise the people of Gudiwada constituency will understand his true nature.  He said that it will be clear to the people of the state that Kodali has a hypocritical love for NTR. He said that MLA Kodali Nani has been criticizing repeatedly saying that Chandrababu has done injustice to NTR.  He asked how Kodali Nani would support CM Jagan's decision to remove NTR's name.  He said that NTR's fans are coming at him by criticizing Chandrababu.  He said that NTR's fans have understood the hypocritical love shown by Kodali Nani. He said that development took place in Gudivada constituency during NTR's tenure. He said that even if the name of NTR Stadium, which is a boon to the people of Gudivada area, was changed to YSR, he would not do it.  He warned that if tries to collude with Jagan and change the name of the NTR stadium, he will be repulsed along with the ranks of the Telugu Desam Party.  Lakshmi Parvati, who claims NTR as a direct god, also wants to resign.  He questioned how Lakshmi Parvati will continue in the YCP government that insulted NTR by changing his name. He demanded the government to continue NTR's name to the health university.  CM Jaganmohan Reddy, who claims to have honored the Vijayawada region by naming NTR district, said that the government is in close contact with the Centre.  They want to talk to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and give Bharat Ratna to NTR.  Sistla Lohit said that we will feel that NTR has been given due respect as CM Jaganmohan Reddy is saying.

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