Chandrababu's dream is to irrigate every acre in the state

 *- Chandrababu's dream is to irrigate every acre in the state*

  *- Tour of joint West Godavari district begins*

  *- TDP leaders and activists extended welcome*

  *- Connecting rivers during Chandrababu's reign*

  *- TDP State Executive Secretary Sistla Lohith*

Denduluru/ Chintalapudi, November 30 (praja amaravati): Nara Chandrababu Naidu's dream is to irrigate every acre in the state, says Telugu Desam Party State Executive Secretary and Workers' Welfare Fund Coordinator Sistla Lohith.  He said that the linking of rivers was done during Chandrababu's reign.  Sistla Lohith participated in Chandrababu's three-day visit to the joint West Godavari district.  On this occasion, Chandrababu had a short talk with Sistla Lohith while climbing up the vehicle to do the road show.  First, TDP leaders and activists extended a warm welcome to Chandrababu Naidu outside Hanuman Junction village.  They shouted Jai Chandrababu.   As a result, the Chennai-Kolkata road at Bommuluru was blocked with traffic.  Chandrababu started his tour from near Kalaparru toll gate and spoke at a public meeting at Vijayarai.  On this occasion, Chandrababu formally launched the program 'Idem Kharma Mana Rashtraniki'.  From there, Chandrababu spoke to the farmers in Ramachandrapuram, a border village of Denduluru and Chintalapudi constituencies.  After that a road show was organized in Chintalapudi. Later Sistla Lohith said that the seed of palm oil cultivation was planted during NTR's regime.  He said that palm oil seeds were brought from Malaysia and a nursery was established here to promote palm oil cultivation.  He said that during Chandrababu's regime, the support price was provided to support the farmers if the palm oil prices fell.  Micro and drip irrigation has been made available for palm oil cultivation.  He said that palm oil farmers were not getting remunerative price during the YSR Congress Party regime.  He said that in Godavari districts, which are granaries of Andhra Pradesh, there is a plight of not getting affordable price for rice.  He said that NTR is credited with giving water to two crops in Godavari districts.  He said that all the promises made by the YSR Congress Party for the development of aqua culture are not being fulfilled.  Chandrababu expressed his concern that quality is not visible in the education sector. Sistla Lohit said that the future of students has become questionable.  He said that Chandrababu was aggrieved saying 'Idem Kharma' for the state.  Sistla Lohit said that favorable winds are blowing for the Telugu Desam Party in the state and TDP's victory in the next elections is a fact.  Sistla Lohith said that as soon as Chandrababu becomes the Chief Minister, all the problems in the state will be solved.