People who want cycle rule in the state

 *- People who want cycle rule in the state


  *- Chandrababu's refusal of permission to visit Polavaram is outrageous*

 *- Approached the project 28 times and made 63 reviews*

  *- We will complete Polavaram and make the state greener*

  *- TDP State Executive Secretary Sistla Lohith*

Kovvuru, Nidadavolu, December 2 (praja amaravati): People want cycle rule in the state, said Telugu Desam Party State Executive Secretary and Workers' Welfare Fund Coordinator Sistla Lohith.  He opined that the lives of all the people will be happy only when Chandrababu's rule comes.  Telugu Desam Party leaders, activists and people extended a warm welcome to Chandrababu Babu as part of his 3rd day visit to the joint West Godavari district.  On this occasion, Sishtla Lohith greeted Chandrababu in Kovvur.  Chandrababu held a road show from there.  After reaching Nidadavolu, after a public meeting there, he left for a road show and reached Tadepalligudem.  Sistla Lohith met all the TDP leaders in the joint West Godavari district. Later, Sistla Lohith said that it was outrageous to deny permission to Chandrababu Babu to visit the Polavaram project.  On the way to the project, barricades and vans blocked the road.  Expressing his anger, Chandrababu protested on the road.  He said that police refused to give permission to five other leaders along with Chandrababu.  Even though Chandrababu asked him to write in writing why he should not go near the project, he said that police did not care.  He reminded that Chandrababu came to Polavaram project 28 times.  This project has been reviewed 63 times.  He said that it is not right to stop such a Chandrababu as not entitled to go to Polavaram.  He said that the Polavaram project area is not a restricted area and anyone in the country has the right to visit it.  He said that Chandrababu was stopped because of the fear that the government's failures and irregularities would come to light.  He said that corruption has been committed in the name of reverse tendering and YSR Congress party has not made any progress in the management of the project.  He said that during Chandrababu's regime, free buses were arranged and shown to the public to explain the progress of the project.  He said that during Chandrababu's tenure as Chief Minister, 72 percent of the project works were completed.  Polavaram project is a boon for Andhra Pradesh.  He said that if the construction of this project is completed, there will be no drought in the state.  The victory of the Telugu Desam Party in the next election is certain.  Sistla Lohith said that as soon as Chandrababu becomes the Chief Minister, the Polavaram project will be completed and the state will be greened.