State-level Atal Tinkering Lab Hub has been established in Andhra Pradesh for the first time in the country

 Government of Andhra Pradesh

School Education Department- Samagra Shiksha

Vijayawada (prajaamaravathi);

State-level Atal Tinkering Lab Hub has been established in Andhra Pradesh for the first time in the country

Students and teachers should create new innovations

• Commissioner of School Education, samagra shiksha SPD shri S. Suresh Kumar

• Inauguration of Atal Tinkering Lab State Hub & Training Center at Penamalur ZPH School

Andhra Pradesh Education Department was implementing a series of programs and bringing out the innate talent and creativity of the students and making them innovators. Commissioner of School Education Department, AP, SCERT in collaboration with UNICEF and Vigyan Ashram has selected 30 Hub ATLs and 150 Spokes across the state. On this occasion, Shri. S. Suresh Kumar IAS, Commissioner of School Education, SPD inaugurated the Atal Tinkering Lab State level Hub & Training Center at Penamalur Zilla Parishad High School on Wednesday, 01.02.2023. He addressed the occasion by saying this is the first state level Atal Tinkering Lab State Hub& Training Center that has been set up in Andhra Pradesh for the first time in the country with the support of UNICEF & Vigyan Ashram. Students and teachers should take advantage of Atal Tinkering Labs and thereby create new innovations and discoveries and make our state first in the country. He said that this state hub will serve as a training centre for the 713 Atal tinkering labs supported by, AIM –Niti Ayog, New Delhi, that are already established in schools. This year, UNICEF has selected 30 Hubs and 150 Atal Tinkering Labs inthe state. There are 5 spokes (schools) attached under each Hub ATL. These 30Hub Atal Tinkering Labs incharged teachers will be trained at the State HubTraining Center every month. In the state hub ATL & Training center material such as 3D printer, mechanical, electronics, drone, robotics, sewing machines, science and math equipment has been installed, worth of Rs. 12 lakhs.In thisevent, Shri. Seshagiri Madhusudhan, Education Specialist-UNICEF, Krishna District Education Officer Mrs. Tehara Sultana, Mandal Education Officer Mrs. KanakaMahalakshmi, YD Bhavani, School HM, Mr. Sudarshan, Mrs. Priyanka, Mrs. Swatidev,SCERT State Nodal Officer Mrs. Bhagyashree, Krishna, NTR District ScienceOfficers Zakir Hussain, Hussain, teachers, students and their parents were participated.At thisevent, the Commissioner and SPD have launched solar on a grid system the Worth ofRs. 4,63,000 /- donated by Carana Bank, Vijayawada for Penamalur Zilla ParishadHigh School.