MANYAM District tops in SSC results.

*MANYAM District tops in SSC results*

Parvathipuram, May 6 (prajaamaravathi): Parvathipuram Manyam District tops in the state  in School Secondary Education (SSC) results released on Saturday. The district with 87.47 percentage, a ahead of all the 26 districts. About 10,689 students of which 5,255 boys and 5,434 girls appeared for the examination.9,350 students - 4,518 boys and 4,832 girls passed the examination. 57 schools scored hundred percent, 7,865 students secured first class, 1151 students secured second class, 334 students secured third class. 72 students of Social Welfare hostels and 113 students of BC Welfare hostels appeared of which 61 (84.72 percent) and 106 (93.86 percent) passed respectively. 2,273: students from Tribal welfare appeared of which 2,134 ( 93.88 percentage) cleared the exam. 24 tribal welfare ashram schools scored hundred percent results out of 54 schools. 1853 students secured first class, 236 students secured second class and 45 secured third class from tribal welfare ashram schools. Palaka Gurunath of Donubai ashram school scored 571 marks and stood first among the students. He belongs to kusuma village of Seethampeta mandal. His father Mr uma maheswara Rao is an agricultural labour. 

Padi Hemalatha and Duddi Thabita of Government High school, Palakonda secured 587 and 586 marks respectively among the Government Management schools. Karri Thani sree of Model School, Kurupam and Karri Sharmila of MJB Residential school of saluru secured 585 each marks. S.Divya Sri of Thammi naidu high school, Palakonda secured 594 marks and stood as top scorer in the district as per the information sofar received.

It is the result of well planning and monitoring of District Administration. Different sections have congratulated the District Collector Mr Nishant Kumar over achieving first place in the state. This is the first ever result after district formation and another successful achievement in the crown. District Collector congratulated all those involved in achieving the results and requested to see that the same tempo be continued in achieving results and to be a model district in the state. District Educational Officer Mr N.Prem Kumar felicitated Padi Hemalatha on Saturday at Palakonda.