AP became care of address for crimes against girls

Lokesh blames Govt for consecutive atrocities since I-Day

AP became care of address for crimes against girls

Condemns torching of Chowdawada girl in Vizianagaram

No safety to women in CM's own family

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Friday condemned the setting ablaze of a young girl by miscreants at Chowdawada village in Vizianagaram district and demanded the immediate arrest of the criminals responsible for the ghastly attack.

Mr. Lokesh termed it as 'alarming' that atrocities on girls were taking place everyday for the past three days, beginning with the day of the country's Independence Day celebrations. Three girls became victims of three inhuman crimes consecutively. Andhra Pradesh has become a care of address for killings and atrocities. The criminals were on the rampage as the Government was harassing the victims and protecting the accused.

In a statement here, Mr. Nara Lokesh said that a psycho set an innocent girl ablaze after pouring petrol on her while sleeping at her residence during midnight hours today. Only yesterday, another girl was gangraped at Rajupalem in Guntur district. The day before, Dalit girl Ramya was brutally murdered by a criminal in Guntur city. On the other hand, the Jagan regime was shamelessly trying to get publicity in the name of a non-existent Disha Act.

Mr. Lokesh told the CM that if his Government took prompt action against the culprits in the initial atrocities cases, the perpetrators would not have become bold. The negligence on the part of the rulers has become a curse for the innocent girl and woman victims. Even publicity was getting ashamed of itself on seeing how the YSRCP regime was seeking cheap publicity at the cost of the lives of atrocities victims in the State.

Mr. Nara Lokesh deplored that the situation was so worse in AP right now that even the women in the Chief Minister's own family had no safety to their lives. Those women living in the vicinity of the CM's residence had no security and they were falling victims to the attacks by psychos and maniacs. Nobody was safe under the regime of Mr. Jagan Reddy. Everybody was living in constant fear of attacks, atrocities and killings.

Mr. Lokesh made a fervent appeal to the Chief Minister to give the necessary focus to the law and order maintenance. It would not be auspicious for the State and the CM himself if the girls and women of AP were getting victimised by miscreants, criminals and gangsters. As a responsible opposition party, the TDP would continue its fight for the protection and safety of women's rights and lives.

Decrying the Rajupalem gangrape, Mr. Nara lokesh called and spoke to the victim's father on telephone and assured to provide all necessary support from the TDP side. The father wailed inconsolably over what has happened to his daughter. The perpetrators have molested the girl despite her ill health. They also caused biting injuries on her body. The girl's father kept blaming himself and thought of committing suicide for not being able to protect his daughter from the offenders.

Mr. Lokesh told the girl's father that suicide was not a solution for any problem and that a struggle should be waged till justice was done to his daughter. Good healthcare should be provided to the victim girl. Similar suffering should not be caused to another girl. Another father should not face similar agony and pain again.