Govt adopting easy going attitude on atrocities cases

Lokesh plea for justice to AT Agraharam girl victim

Govt adopting easy going attitude on atrocities cases

Perpetrators becoming bold due to Jagan failed laws

Suspension of constable not enough in AT Agraharam case

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Saturday said that the whole State was shocked at the molestation attempt made by a constable on a girl at AT Agraharam in Guntur district.

Mr. Lokesh termed it as 'alarming' that the atrocities against girls and women were continuing unabated in different parts of the State. The perpetrators were becoming bold since the YSRCP Government had failed to put any fear of law in them. The atrocities cases were rising since Mr. Jagan Reddy's Disha propaganda proved to be false.

In a statement here, Mr. Nara Lokesh asked how the Chief Minister could wash his hands of the molestation case by just suspending the constable concerned. The CM should make sure that stringent punishment should be given to him as per the 21-day Disha deadline. The Government's ineffective laws and failed statements were causing women to face atrocities everyday in the State.

Mr. Lokesh asked the ruling party to explain where the victims could go for justice when the police themselves were committing atrocities on them. CM Jagan Reddy should come out of his Tadepalli residence and clarify what message he wanted to send with his Government's easy going attitude towards atrocities and crimes against girls.