Online-Delivery industry has grown to a level that

Vijayawada (prajaamaravati):

To create employment opportunities for Tier-2 & Tier-3 cities, Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) have entered an MOU with Amravati EV Consulting and Trading Private Limited (AEV) a subsidiary of the EV OEM Smart Manufacturer, Dao EV Tech Pvt. Ltd.  to access APSSDC’s authorized Training Partners to recruit-train-deploy ‘Delivery Personnel’ through Skill Development program. In this regard under the leadership of APSSDC Chairman Mr. Konduru Ajay Reddy, APSSDC MD Mr. N. Bangara Raju, Chairman and CEO, DAO EV Tech Dr. Michael Liu, VP Strategic Development Mr Maneesh Singh Exchanged MoUs. 

Online-Delivery industry has grown to a level that was forecasted to grow by ten-years, that growth happened in just 8 weeks, as per McKinsey report. Hence, the order-fulfilment and last mile-delivery is currently facing a challenge and dearth of delivery personnel. The sudden increase in demand for order-fulfilment and last-mile delivery personnel in the e-commerce industry has created an opportunity for skilled manpower as ‘Delivery Personnel’. However, in current scenario, Delivery Personnel need to own the vehicle. This market was already saturated in terms of availability of such resources and facing 30-40% attrition rate. So AEV has come with innovative solution by tapping the untapped resources ie. youth from smaller towns and villages, equally eligible and willing but do not own a vehicle. This will bring long-term relief to last-mile delivery resource crunch.  

For the enablement of such skilled manpower in this sector, APSSDC has partnered with AEV to develop a large pool of skilled manpower to cater to the needs of the industry and related service sectors. Through the MOU, APSSDC will facilitate AEV in identifying right training partners as per their requirement and through a stipulated procedure in various rural parts of state of Andhra Pradesh for providing the infrastructural facilities required for running the Skill Development Program and related recruitment and training management for the last-mile delivery business in the e-commerce industry.

Mr. K. Ajay Reddy, Chairman and Mr. Bangara Raju, MD of APSSDC spoke on the occasion and said that “as per instructions of Hon'ble CM, AP should be a role model for skilling. DAO's Recruit, Train and Deploy (RTD) model will empower and enable rural unemployed youth make a decent livelihood.”

Dr. Michael Liu, Chairman and CEO, DAO EV Tech said, “We have a scientific process to recruit the delivery personnel. Without upgrading the skills and proper training we do not onboard any delivery personnel. Through this MOU, the Government of AP and APSSDC and AEV will enable recruitment, training and onboarding of ‘Delivery Personnel’ while AEV will further take the responsibility to migrate them to Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities and provide employment opportunities”.

AEV takes responsibility to get ‘Delivery Personnel’ onboarded with the Tier-1 and Tier-2 e-commerce players and enable further onsite training at e-commerce companies and ensure they get on-boarded.

AEV will also enable hostel accommodation and food arrangements in migrated cities at a subsidized rate. This residential accommodation will be near the delivery hubs of e-commerce players. AEV will further assist through its parent company Dao EvTech Private Limited to provide ‘2 Wheeler Electric Vehicles’ to the delivery personnel at zero cost through 3PL micro-investors (Fleet Owners).