Other States cops calling AP source of drugs


Lokesh dares CM, DGP on ganja smuggling from AP

Other States cops calling AP source of drugs

YCP turned AP into 'drug hub of India'

AP ganja trade involves 1000s of crores

Local leaders, growers, gangs vested interests involved

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Friday expressed concern that Andhra Pradesh emerged as the source of ganja that was being seized by the police and vigilance wings of most other States across the country.

Lokesh said that the investigating officers of Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have already clarified that the ganja seized by them came from AP. In whichever corner of the country the drug gangs were busted, they were being traced to Andhra these days. Within two and half years, the YSRCP regime has turned AP into a 'drug hub of India'.

In a statement here, Nara Lokesh asked the AP Chief Minister and the DGP whether they would serve notices on the top police officers of other States for referring to AP as the source of drugs. Those officers were holding press conferences and telling the country about the Andhra ganja gangs who were caught. Would the AP Police call those officers for questioning just the way the TDP leaders were being treated?

Lokesh deplored that more alarming and disturbing facts were coming to light with each passing day in Andhra Pradesh. The cops of other States were giving proof of how ganja grown in Visakhapatnam and other areas was being smuggled into their respective cities and towns. Even then, Jagan Reddy and AP DGP were saying that Andhra had no links with drugs. The CM and the DGP should first respond to the statements made by the police officers of other States.

Nara Lokesh released videos of statements of the respective cops of various States which were facing the problem of drugs being smuggled from AP. In one video, Bangalore Police Commissioner Kamal Pant said that the drugs were brought from one district in AP. The gangsters hid the drugs in a tanker and supplied them to Bangalore and surrounding areas. Even Delhi DCP Santosh Kumar Meena said the drugs seized by them came from Andhra.

Demanding an explanation from the AP Police, Lokesh said that the ganja grown in AP was being smuggled to Pune and Mumbai. In another video, Naglonda SP Ranganath stated that the Andhra Orissa Border (AOB) was the source cultivation and transportation of ganja to different destinations in the country. Local Andhra leaders, vested interests, financiers, growers and brokers were all involved in this. Thousands of crores of ganja trade was going on from AP as the hub.

Nara Lokesh recalled how Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar also referred to a major drug smuggling route between Narsipatnam, AP and Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra via Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Gulbarga and Solapur. The ganja was being smuggled from Ahmednagar to Pune, Mumbai, Nashik and other places. The police officials of Madhya Pradesh and Kerala have also referred to AP as the source of drugs seized by them.