Sister's statement exposed CM Jagan's dark role

'Abbai killed Babai', says Nara Lokesh

Sister's statement exposed CM Jagan's dark role

Sunitha revealed Jagan and Bharati suspicious reactions

Lokesh attends Vizag court

Rs 75 Cr defamation case against Sakshi

AMARAVATI (prajaamaravati): TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Monday asserted that all emerging evidence clearly exposed Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's role behind the murder of his own babai YS Vivekananda Reddy.

Lokesh said suspicions on Jagan Reddy were further reinforced following the statement given by his own sister Sunitha Reddy to the CBI. Sunitha had clearly narrated how atrociously both Jagan Reddy and his wife Bharati Reddy spoke when she raised her father's murder case with them.

During his visit to Visakhapatnam, Lokesh appeared before the court in connection with the Rs 75 Cr defamation case he filed against the YS family's Sakshi media. The next hearing was posted for March 14. It would be taken to a logical conclusion to make Sakshi pay for its false propaganda.

Nara Lokesh referred to the Viveka murder probe, saying that CM Jagan Reddy had no agony or anguish despite the brutal murder of his own 'babai'. While in opposition, Jagan accused Chandrababu Naidu of killing Viveka. But after coming to power, the Chief Minister tried to cover up the case by withdrawing his own court petition for the CBI inquiry. He also started dismissing the CBI probe as unnecessary.

Lokesh said going by how Jagan Reddy was not willing to nab the killers of his babai, it was clear that he was behind the ghastly murder. It was confirmed 'Abbai killed Babai'. The family members of Jagan Reddy were affirming this. Everyone in the State was talking about this. The statement clearly said YCP MP Avinash Reddy masterminded Viveka murder, tampered evidence and then propagated it as a 'fatal heart attack'.

Condemning the CM's 'oppressive mindset', Lokesh said the Viveka killers like Avinash Reddy were freely roaming the streets while the Government was making false arrests of the TDP leaders. Jagan Mohan Reddy, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy and ex DGP Sawang jointly threatened Sunitha Reddy. Jagan Reddy eliminated his own babai despite his sacrificing MP seat for the CM sake in the past.

Nara Lokesh deplored that the whole Andhra Pradesh was being destroyed because of the misrule of the factionist CM. No new industries were coming while even the existing companies were shifting to other States. Late Goutham Reddy himself said in the council that the TDP regime brought industries and created over 5 lakh jobs. But once he was in CM seat, Jagan Reddy chased away industries and jobs from AP.

Lokesh said any CM would focus on building assets and increasing revenue for the State so that he would be able to increase welfare benefits to the people. The factionist CM had destroyed all revenue generation sources and started making false claims on welfare expenditure. In Vizag, he had mortgaged the Collectorate, MRO office and statdium. No wonder, the courts buildings would also be mortgaged soon.

The TDP MLC asserted that their party would always be ready for early elections whenever they would be held. They would step up their agitations against the massive frauds and destructive regime of Jagan Reddy. While the TDP made just Rs. 2.5 Lakh Cr loans in five years, Jagan Reddy brought Rs. 4.50 Lakh Cr loas in just three years. By 2024, the debt would touch Rs. 10 Lakh Cr and the whole AP revenue would not be sufficien to pay interest.