Two years left confused during elections

  - Three years suitable for Telugu Desam Party with Kodali Nani

 - Two years left confused during elections

   - Kodali Nani is the only leader who has kept Babu at that level

  - Can we cross Kodali Nani before touching Jagan

   - Telugudesam party ranks languishing in dilemma 

   - If he puts prenmeet, that kick is different for YCP series 

  - Kodali Nani points to TDP, pro-media

  - TDP high hopes for Jagan in expansion 

 Gudivada, April 8 (prajaamaravati): During the three years of the formation of the YSR Congress Party government in the state, the Telugu Desam Party's allure was matched with that of the Minister of State for Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Kodali Srivenkateswara Rao (Nani).  The TDP ranks have not been able to resolve the situation for the remaining two years before the elections.  Kodali Nani has been changing his tactics ever since he took over as minister.  Minister Kodali Nani was the only leader in history to retain TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu at the level.  He was at the ministerial level and was uniting with Chandrababu and his son Lokesh till yesterday.  With this, the war waged by the TDP for the last three years has not even touched at least CM Jaganmohan Reddy.  The TDP ranks are hovering over the dilemma of whether or not to cross the barrier ax before CM Jagan can be challenged by the party and the government.  Over the past three years, TDP leaders have been targeting the YSR Congress party and the government.  All the criticisms made mainly by Chandrababu and Lokesh are being rebutted by Minister Kodali Nani holding media conferences at the YSR Congress party central office in Thadepalli as a witness.  Kodali Nani's pressmeet says that the kick will be different for the YCP ranks across the state throughout the day.  Minister Kodali Nani's response to the Opposition's criticism, both inside and outside the Assembly, has made the YSR Congress Party an unstoppable force in government.  Minister Kodali Nani was able to rebut in his own style the statement made by Chandrababu that he had finally insulted his wife in the assembly. He also spoke strongly in the assembly on the Jangareddygudem natural deaths, as well as to the TDP ranks outside.  Meanwhile, Kodali Nani has also pointed the finger at the pro-TDP media over the past three years. ETV, ABN and TV5 channels chiefs Ramojirao, Radhakrishna and BR Naidu were vilified as media witnesses.  The channels and magazines run by them were openly denounced as Yellow Media and Dabba Channels.  Minister Kodali Nani has paid the price for directly criticizing the pro-TDP media at this level.  When it comes to Chandrababu, they have been refuting their criticisms of the government in Prajakshetra, describing him as Tuppu and Lokesh as Pappu.  Every time he saw CM Jaganmohan Reddy being targeted personally and familially, he was flagged in earnest against Chandrababu.  People have been repeatedly reminded that Chandrababu backed NTR and grabbed TDP.  Minister Kodali Nani's criticism that Lokesh was defeated by NTR fans in Mangalagiri has left the TDP in a state of shock.  Chandrababu dried up his actions as if he was betraying the NTR family members and the third generation.  Minister Kodali Nani has become a thorn in the side of the TDP for not speaking out against the YSR Congress Party, the government and CM Jaganmohan Reddy.  In this context, CM Jaganmohan Reddy has started the exercise to form a new cabinet.  It is clear that the TDP is hopeful that CM Jaganmohan Reddy will miss out on the expansion.