Brahmins were cheated into trusting them by stealing votes

 *- Brahmins were cheated into trusting them by stealing votes*

  *- The situation of priests in Jagan's regime is unfathomable*

  *- Brahmin Corporation changed to nominal*

  *- Even today wage hike is no salvation for life*

  *- 10 thousand Brahmins are not getting YSR pension*

  *- Implement pre-election promises made to Brahmins*

  *- TDP State Executive Secretary Sistla Lohit*


 Amaravathi, September 6 (prajaamaravathi):

TDP State Executive Secretary Lohit criticized CM Jagan Mohan Reddy for cheating Brahmins by getting votes. Sistla Lohit issued a statement on Tuesday.  He said that the situation of priests has become untenable under Jaganmohan Reddy's administration.  If we come to power, we will do that to the Brahmins and we will do this, he said.  He said that the YCP government has changed the Brahmin Welfare Corporation to a nominal corporation.  He said that Rs.100 crores were allotted to the corporation and not a single penny was spent.  If he comes to power, Jagan promised to give funds to 8600 temples across the state under Dupadipa Naivedyam and said that he was wrong.  He said that although funds are allocated for the welfare of Brahmins in the budget every year, they are betraying the Brahmins by diverting those funds without using them.bHe said that the promise of giving Rs.15,625 to priests earning Rs.10,000 and Rs.10,000 to priests earning Rs.5,000 has not been fulfilled even today.  He said that Jagan's government has also reneged on the promise of no retirement for priests.  He said that Brahmin Chaitanya Vediki is alleging that while TDP was in power, pensions were given to 45 thousand poor Brahmins, but after this government came, that number has been drastically reduced.  He said that even 10 thousand Brahmins are not getting YSR pension.

When Chandrababu was the Chief Minister, 1,54,182 Brahmins were given various welfare schemes.  He said that 761 Brahmin students who have achieved merit in schools and colleges recognized by the government through the Gayatri scheme have spent Rs.76 lakhs.  He said that Rs.119.22 crores were given to 88,682 people for foreign education, Rs.21.60 lakhs were given to 155 people for Vedic education under Vedavyas scheme, and Rs.1.22 crores were given to 377 people for training in competitive exams under Vashishta scheme.  He said that the Center Govt has proposed EWS reservations for economically backward upper castes.  He said that while TDP was in power, a total of 10 percent reservation was provided to Kapu and other upper castes.  He said that they were canceled after the YCP government came to power.  He said that thousands of Brahmin youth have lost their opportunities in the recruitment of village and ward secretariat employees.  He said that more than 38,000 posts were not available to the poor of the upper castes.  The TDP is demanding that the state government should respond and implement the promises made to the Brahmins before the elections.  They want to ensure that the funds allocated in the budget to the Brahmin Corporation are fully utilized.  Sistla Lohit asked to implement EWS reservations.

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