Those who curse Chandrababu are like double four twenty!

 *- Those who curse Chandrababu are like double four twenty!*

  *- Lokesh's critics are fifty-fifty's?*

 *- We have culture so we cannot talk like YCP leaders* 

  *- Victory and defeat are natural in politics*

  *- In 2024 Telugu Desam Party will be in power in the state*

 *- The govt should pay special attention to loan app harassment* 

*- TDP State Executive Secretary Sistla Lohit*

Gudivada, September 9 (prajaamaravathi):

Telugu Desam Party State Executive Secretary and Workers Welfare Coordinator Sistla Lohit asked whether the YCP leaders who are repeatedly insulting Telugu Desam Party National President Nara Chandrababu Naidu are double four twenty. Some YCP leaders have expressed their anger that they are talking about 420 at will and targeting Chandrababu. Sistla Lohit issued a statement at Gudivada in Krishna district on Friday.  Nara Lokesh, the National General Secretary of the Telugu Desam Party, who is filling the ranks of the TDP across the state, has expressed his anger that he is talking like a mouthful.  Nara Lokesh's critics are fifty-fifty's. Sistla Lohit said that we cannot speak like YCP leaders because we have culture. He expressed concern that anarchy is continuing in the state.  He alleged that the Telugu Desam Party ranks are being sent to jail by filing cases against them.  He said that the incidents in Kuppam constituency are proof of this. He said that during the visits of YCP leaders, TDP leaders and workers are being arrested in the respective areas. He said that YCP leaders are making unfounded allegations targeting Chandrababu and Lokesh.  If all that was true, people would have elected Chandrababu as Chief Minister for 14 years, he asked.  He reminded that Chandrababu is playing an effective role as the opposition leader by respecting the people's verdict. He said that Chandrababu is setting up Anna canteens across the state and feeding the poor. He said that YCP leaders are destroying the Anna canteens and rebuilding them.  He said that victory and defeat are natural in politics.  He asked if YSR Congress party did not lose in 2014 elections.  He said that the YSR Congress party thinks that the power in the state is permanent. He predicted that Telugu Desam Party will win in 2024 elections. He said that the state government is not taking strict action against loan app harassment.  He said that many cases of loan app harassment have been registered across the state.  He said that no action is being taken against loan apps running without the permission of the Reserve Bank.  They expressed concern that a couple committed suicide in Rajahmundry due to the harassment of loan app organizers.  In Palnadu district too, another youth has become a victim of loan app harassment.  He urged the government to pay special attention to loan app harassment.  Strict action should be taken against the organizers who caused the couple's suicide in Rajahmundry. Sistla Lohit demanded the government to look into the cases registered across the state so far and give justice to the victims.